Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5586

An Chongqiu was waiting for a call from Song Wanting’s assistant on his way back to Wanliu Villa.

He knew that the terms he had offered Song Wanting today had been very sincere, and Song Wanting would definitely consult her benefactor before giving himself a clear answer.

However, he did not know where his benefactor was at the moment, whether he was in Jinling or in China, it was still unknown.

Therefore, An Chongqiu speculated in his mind that if his benefactor was in China, or even in Jinling, Song Wanting would have contacted him at the first opportunity and reported the matter to him, and whether he would agree to his terms, Song Wanting would have had someone give him an answer soon.

If the reply came quickly, then perhaps, Eunuch was in Jinling.

However, by the time An Chongqiu arrived at Wanliu Villa, Song Wanting still had no response.

When he returned home, the An family all immediately dropped what they were doing and came close, waiting to bring him the latest news.

The old lady asked him with a nervous look on her face, “Chongqiu, how did you get on with that Miss Song of the Song Group today? Did you get any valuable news?”

An Chongqiu nodded and spoke, “I have sought confirmation from Miss Song that the benefactor who was like our family in New York and later saved Yalin is actually the owner of the Spring Return Pill!”

“What?!” The An family was all filled with shock!

The old lady asked with some excitement, “Chong Qiu, can this matter be confirmed? Is your father really the owner of the Spring Return Pill?”

“Yes, I am sure!” An Chongqiu nodded solemnly and said, “I didn’t reveal anything about this to Miss Song, but she told me of her own accord. I only said that I wanted the contact information of the owner of the Spring Return Pill and that I wanted to ask him for confirmation. ”

The old lady was horrified and said, “This …… means that …… En-Gong he knew about our coming to Jinling and also knew that after we arrived in Jinling, we would definitely find a way to ask for his identity …… ”

“Right!” An Chongqiu said, “What I wanted to do this time when I went to Song’s group was clear to my benefactor, he knew that I wanted to talk to Miss Song to ask for his identity and also knew that our intention was actually not to expect Miss Song to really tell us his identity, but to hope that Miss Song would carry a message for us, so he had already greeted Miss Song in advance… …”

The old lady was a little exuberant, her hands trembling as she said, “This is a good thing, this is a great thing! We didn’t have any leads on your Grace before, but we do now, and the one thing we can confirm now is that if we want to have any contact with your Grace, or if we want to convey any message to him, we can do it through this Miss Song! It’s not a direct connection yet, but it’s still a very big breakthrough!”

Saying that, the old lady added, “The fact that your Excellency can hold the Spring Return Pill auction in Jinling and not in another city in China also proves that the odds are that he is a local to Jinling, and even if he is not, then he is inextricably linked to Jinling, and our coming to Jinling this time is tantamount to coming to his home turf!”

An Kaifeng then spoke up and asked, “Big brother, did you mention our conditions to Miss Song?”

“Mentioned it!” An Chongqiu said, “I added 8 billion dollars to my investment and then promised to jointly develop the recreation project with Song’s Group and give Song’s Group 10% of the shares unconditionally.”

An Kaifeng was busy asking, “And what did this Miss Song say?”

An Chongqiu replied, “Miss Song didn’t give me a clear answer, she said she wanted to think about it, I think she must have to report back to His Excellency and see what he wants.”