Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5585

  With my current capabilities, if I want to help Jinling increase its international influence and attract more capital to come in, the best way is indeed this line of recreation and healthcare. the fifth first-tier city in China.”

When he said this, Ye Chen sighed lightly and said, “However, this plan may not go so smoothly and advance downwards so quickly, at least not until I have solved some hidden problems at hand, but this is also a good opportunity to lay out in advance, the An family’s capital operation is of a high level and large scale, Wan Ting you will be able to benefit a lot from working with them, such a good opportunity Don’t miss it.”

Song Wanting said with some trepidation, “Master Ye ……’s offer is a bit too generous, to put it bluntly, these two projects are a gift of money to the Song Group. …Wanting is really ashamed of it ……”

Ye Chen laughed: “Wanting, you don’t need to have this kind of psychological burden, these two conditions offered to you by the An family are not simply giving you money either;”

“Since they want to develop and establish their Asian headquarters in Jinling, they are bound to come up with the money for a major construction project, moreover, for such a big project, it is not practical for you to ask them to bring their team directly from the US for the construction, so he still has to cooperate with local companies, he pays for it and you contribute, you earn his money, isn’t it just natural?”

“As for the recreation project he mentioned, you don’t need to have any psychological burden, the reason why he wants to cooperate with the Song Group and give the Song Group 10% of the shares is to hook up with me through the Song Group, to put it bluntly, if I don’t come up with the rejuvenation pills, this project is just a paper talk, if this project wants to make money and make a lot of money, it must If this project is to be profitable and make a lot of money, it is necessary to have my cooperation, so it is only right to give up some more interest.”

Song Wanting was silent for a moment, still somewhat torn and said, “Master Ye …… this …… is this appropriate ……”

Ye Chen laughed: “There is nothing inappropriate, Song Group’s current market value and profit, in the domestic private enterprises, is not ranked in the top fifty, if you want Song Group to stand out from so many private enterprises, this is the best opportunity;”

After a pause, Ye Chen added: “What’s more, you are not only taking benefits from the An family, but you are also helping the An family to build a bridge, only if you have a good relationship with the An family, in the future I will be able to establish a connection with the An family through you, and still not expose my own identity;”

“Taking a step back, my grandfather has always been in poor health, in case he is seriously ill one day and needs a potion, and I am not in a position to step in, it is only appropriate for you to step in and deliver the medicine for me, so no matter what, you cannot refuse the An family’s offer.”

When Song Wanting heard this, her tangled heart finally firmed up and she said without thinking, “Okay Master Ye, then I will return a message to your great uncle.”

Ye Chen smiled faintly and said, “There is no need to be in such a hurry, my great uncle is such a smart person, the reason he didn’t ask you to give him a reply right away is because he knows that you will definitely look for me for advice, if you reply to him right now, then he will only think that you can establish contact with me anytime and anywhere, this will make him think that we are very close, and even make him think that I am even in the same time zone as you are in the same time zone, you’d better leave him alone for a couple of days before you reply to him.”

Song Wanting came back to her senses and hurriedly said, “Okay Master Ye, Wanting understands!”