Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5583

    ”Moreover, I have also heard about Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical in Jinling, although this enterprise has developed a small variety of samples, none of them are explosive products with excellent medicinal effects, and with this pharmaceutical enterprise in Jinling, its future popularity in the medical and recreational field will definitely be able to be greatly helped.”

Song Wanting did not expect An Chongqiu to be concerned about Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical, and could not help but be a little surprised in her heart.

She asked An Chongqiu, “Mr. An also has knowledge of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals? ”

An Chongqiu nodded his head and did not cover up, saying, “I heard that Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical had launched an anti-cancer miracle drug called Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pill, which was given to the FDA for clinical trials and was said to have been used as a strategic reserve by the White House because of its excellent efficacy.”

The company’s formula might have been provided by your father.”

Song Wanting was even more surprised at this moment, she did not want to reveal more information related to Ye Chen, so she spoke, “The situation of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical, I really don’t know it very well.”

Although Song Wanting had tried her best to control her facial expression when she said this, and tried not to let An Chongqiu see any clues, An Chongqiu could still see some clues on her face.

He caught the subtle unnaturalness in Song Wanting’s expression and concluded in his mind that Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals must have something to do with his benefactor.

Having got the answer he wanted, An Chongqiu did not continue to extend on the issue of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals, but said with a smile, “Miss Song, with the popularity of the An family, if the An family comes forward to do this, this matter is already half done, and if the Song Group joins hands, it will definitely be able to take a lead in the field of health care in Jinling. There are countless other benefits.”

Although there is a large market space, it is still not very popular. Many enterprises that make quick money do not like to operate this kind of long-term project, with high investment, big responsibilities and long cycles, which are not very attractive to enterprises that are used to making quick money. If we can run this business well, making money is one aspect, the other is that it is easy to enhance social recognition and help the social impact of the enterprise, so to speak, it is a multi-benefit.”

Song Wanting was very positive about An Chongqiu’s judgement, as the auctioneer of the Spring Return Dan auction, she knew very well how much those top tycoons desired the Spring Return Dan, and as long as the Spring Return Dan auction continued, An Chongqiu’s prediction would definitely be confirmed gradually.

Once Jinling really sits at the top of global wellness worldwide, the business benefits behind this will be immense.

Once Jinling flourishes, it will inevitably form a huge windfall, and any capital that can stand on this windfall will reap huge benefits.

At this point, An Chongqiu added: “Right, the An family’s capital reserves are very abundant, we can reserve as much land resources as possible at the very beginning, in the future when Jinling can really be among the first-tier cities by recreation, the value of these reserves of land can be doubled, as for the cooperation between our two sides, as long as Miss Song is willing to join hands with the An family, the An family can from this project take 10% of the shares to the Song Group, this 10%, this, is a token of appreciation from the An Family.”

“If Miss Song still wants to take a bigger share, she can subscribe for the part beyond the 10%, and the An family can give up to 49% of the shares to the Song Group!”