Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5581

A multi-billion dollar commercial real estate project, not to mention Song Wanting’s jaw dropping, is almost uncommon even if we look at the world.

The Burj Khalifa in Dubai only cost US$1.5 billion in total, and the only one that cost more than US$5 billion is Apple’s headquarters building.

For the An family, its overall strength is no match for the Rothschilds or the Saoudi royal family, but its real assets are still slightly better compared to Apple.

Taking out US$8 billion and investing in commercial real estate in Jinling would be enough to build a small city of enormous size. For the An family, even if the entire An family headquarters were to be moved over, it would not even take that much money.

However, before An Chongqiu came, the An family had already reached a consensus that Song Wanting was already close to the owner of the Spring Return Dan, so this time when An Chongqiu came to see her, he naturally had to show enough sincerity, or at least take out a two to three billion dollar project to cooperate with the Song family, as a way to show his attitude.

And this two to three billion dollars is just a base.

The An family had also decided long ago that if they could prove from Song Wanting that the owner of the Spring Return Pill was the same person as the An family’s life-saving benefactor, then they would have to double their sincerity to Song Wanting.

After all, the $8 billion was an investment, not a waste of money.

After all, the $8 billion is an investment, not a waste of money. With an investment of $8 billion, there is at least $6 billion left after the land purchase cost.

If all the development work were to be handed over to the Song Group, the net profit for the Song Group would be around one billion dollars, which is already substantial in terms of profit alone.

For the Song Group, a billion dollars of profit is the next best thing.

The most crucial thing is that the news of the partnership with the An family in the United States and the construction of the An family’s $8 billion commercial real estate project will definitely make the Song Group famous and may even cause the market value of the Song Group to skyrocket.

Although Ye Chen had already given Song Wanting a precautionary shot in advance, telling her that the An family would definitely show her sufficient sincerity, she could never have imagined that the An family would promise herself such a large project as soon as they opened their mouths.

Seeing Song Wanting’s shocked and disbelieving face, An Chongqiu knew that the sincerity he had offered was big enough, so he said seriously: “Miss Song, the Song Group has been engaged in commercial real estate development for a long time, and I’m sure you understand that in fact, no matter how much or how little the investment is, there is no big difference in the actual process of real estate development. Since the Song Group has handled a $500 million project, $8 billion must not be a problem either.”

Song Wanting came back to her senses and couldn’t help but ask: “Mr. An, after all, Jinling is only a second-tier city in China, or a new first-tier city, and there is still a certain gap between it and Suzhou and Hangzhou, so investing eight billion dollars in commercial real estate here is a bit too risky, right?”

An Chongqiu said with a smile, “Although Jinling is still a new first-tier city, I am very optimistic about its future development, and it may become the object of worldwide attention in the future.”