Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5580

  An Chongqiu clasped his fist and said respectfully, “Miss Song, if you have the chance, please take me to convey the An family’s gratitude to Sir! In addition, the An family has another matter that they would like to ask for his help, please also convey it to Miss Song on their behalf, if he can agree, the An family is willing to give up half of their family fortune!”

Song Wanting said, “Tell me about it, Mr. An.”

An Chongqiu said, “I have a nephew who has been missing for twenty years, his name is Ye Chen, he is twenty-eight years old, he is the only son of my sister, An Chengqing, and my brother-in-law, Ye Changyang. Once we find him, the An family will give us half of the family fortune!”

Song Wanting was dumbfounded.

She did not expect that the An family would even be willing to offer half of their family fortune in order to find Ye Chen.

However, for An Chongqiu, and the entire An family, making such a promise was not a matter of faith.

Before An Chongqiu came, the An family had discussed at a family meeting that, given the An family’s situation, if the Broken Qing Society still held on to the An family, then the An family would be safe for the time being, but in the future, I was afraid that it would be difficult to escape, after all, there was a huge gap in strength between the two sides, and the An family had no chance of winning.

In the An family’s view, the person who is most likely to save the An family from being destroyed by the Society is the mysterious benefactor who saved a dozen members of the An family in New York that day.

If they could confirm that the benefactor was the owner of the Spring Return Pill, then not only would the An family’s crisis have a strong guarantee, but the old man’s condition would also have a good chance of being completely cured.

In that case, this man is the key to the survival of the entire An family.

If he was willing to help, finding out Ye Chen’s whereabouts would be no problem at all.

Therefore, if he could guarantee his own safety, and if he could also find Ye Chen, it would be a triple win for the An family, even if they had to give up half of their assets.

A moment later, Song Wanting recovered from her shock and said, “Since Mr. An has said so, I will try to find an opportunity to convey it to you.”

An Chongqiu stood up and said with a fist, “Thank you, Miss Song!”

After saying that, he hurriedly added, “Miss Song, there is one more thing that I would like to ask for your help!”

Song Wanting said, “Mr. An, tell me, if it’s something I can do, I will definitely help.”

An Chongqiu said seriously, “I’m not going to hide it from you Miss Song, the An family has decided to stay in Jinling for the next long period of time, so the An family is currently planning to establish a new business centre for the An family in Jinling, by then, more than half of the An family’s business will be transferred from the United States to Jinling;”

“However, this process will take at least a fraction of a year to achieve gradually, the first stage is to first take a large enough piece of land in Jinling and invest in an office centre no less than the size of Apple’s headquarters building in California, with a total investment budget of no less than US$8 billion. If you don’t mind, I’ll ask the Song Group to develop this project for the An family!”

“US$8 billion?!” Song Wanting said with extreme shock, “Mr. An …… such a large scale of investment is unheard of in the history of Jinling, the largest commercial real estate project built by the Song Group to date, a skyscraper plus several ancillary buildings, a large shopping mall, the total cost is only US$500 million …… eight billion dollars of projects, the Song Group, not to mention doing, can not even think of ……”