Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5579

  An Chongqiu asked suspiciously, “Miss Song, this gentleman works with your Song Group, his Spring Return Pills are auctioned by you and the huge sums of money sold are also collected by you on his behalf, with such close cooperation, how can you not know his true identity? If Miss Song can reveal a few pointers, the An Family will do its best to repay you!”

Song Wanting replied, “Mr. Song is invisible, so my family is already fortunate enough to be chosen by him to run the Spring Return Pill auction for him, so how could we find out his true identity? As for the auction proceeds, would you believe me if I told you that the money is still in the auction house’s accounts and Mr. Song has not taken it away?”

An Chongqiu fell silent.

He knew that it was not up to him to believe or disbelieve in such matters, and there was nowhere to ask for proof whether he believed or not.

He had no choice but to explain in an extremely sincere tone, “Miss Song, I’m not going to hide it from you, but some time ago my An family suffered a catastrophe, and I was fortunate that a mysterious person came to my aid at a critical moment, and this mysterious person even saved a friend of mine who was on the verge of death. .”

After saying that, he said with a pleading face, “Miss Song must have the contact information of that gentleman, I don’t ask you to give me his contact information, I just ask you to help me ask him for confirmation ……”

Song Wanting smiled faintly and nodded gently, then she looked at An Chongqiu and said with astonishing words, “Mr. An is talking about the An family and Inspector Li’s previous encounter with danger in New York and being saved midway, right?”

An Chongqiu’s expression was instantly horrified!

The An family’s encounter with danger had never been revealed to the outside world, so no one outside knew about it.

And when he had just mentioned this matter, he had not stated any actual clues, had not mentioned New York, and had not mentioned what it was because of.

But Song Wanting had not only accurately stated the location of New York, she had even named Li Yalin, so it was clear that she knew exactly what had happened to the An family in New York that day.

So he hurriedly asked after her, “Miss Song, how did you know about this matter?”

Song Wanting said blandly, “Because Sir contacted me two days ago, and Sir said that if the An family came looking for you, he would help him bring a message to you.”

An Chongqiu was thrilled and asked her quickly, “What message?”

Song Wanting said, “Sir told me to tell you that on that day in New York, he did save the An family’s life as well as Li Yalin’s, but this matter was only a handful for him, so you need not take it to heart.”

An Chongqiu’s eyes widened and his voice trembled with excitement, “It was him! Your Grace is really him! This is wonderful! That’s wonderful!”

After saying this, he continued to ask with great joy, “Miss Song, may I ask what else did your father say?”

“Nothing.” Song Wanting shook her head and said, “Sir knew that Mr. An wanted to seek proof of this matter, so it kind of solved the doubts in Mr. An’s mind, now is Mr. An satisfied?”

An Chongqiu said with emotion, “The An family has no friendship with you, and I even made a big speech at your auction, but you did not blame me, instead you saved the lives of my An family and my friend Li Yalin, I’m afraid this kindness will never be repaid in my lifetime …… ”

Song Wanting seriously said, “Mr. An need not be upset about this, Mr. said, but do good, do not ask the future, save you, must also be because you are worth saving.”