Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5576

  If other entrepreneurs in Jinling had heard that the An family had come to visit, they would have been ecstatic, but Song Wanting was unconsciously worried.

She had received a reminder from Ye Chen long ago, knowing that the An family was looking for clues about Ye Chen in Jinling, and this time, the An family had actually taken the initiative to find themselves, either for Ye Chen or for the owner of the Spring Return Pill, but whichever of these two, they would eventually point to Ye Chen.

So, she said to her assistant, “Don’t reply to this matter in a hurry beforehand, let’s wait until I’m done.”

The assistant was unsure and quickly reminded, “General Song, that’s someone from the An family ……”

“I know.” Song Wanting nodded and said lightly, “Then let’s wait until I’m done too.”

The assistant had no choice but to respectfully say, “Okay Mr. Song, then I won’t reply to them first and wait for your message.”

Song Wanting waved her hand and instructed, “Just tell them the original message, say that I am busy now, and ask them to wait for my news.”

“Uh …… okay ……” The assistant didn’t know why Song Wanting, who had always kept a very low profile, was so disrespectful to the An family, so she had to do as she requested and send the original message back to An Chongqiu.

An Chongqiu had visited Song Wanting back after the Spring Return Pill auction, only that time, Song Wanting did not reveal any information related to the Spring Return Pill to him.

However, in An Chongqiu’s view, today was not the same as then.

At the beginning, he had wanted the Spring Return Pill with all his heart, but as a result, the Pill had not been auctioned and he had even touched the scales of the owner of the Spring Return Pill. But later, when the mysterious benefactor had saved the entire An family in New York, An Chongqiu felt that if the benefactor and the owner of the Spring Return Pill were really the same person, then he might change his attitude towards the An family because of what had happened in New York.

But he did not expect that this thought of his would be somewhat frustrated with Song Wanting.

After Song Wanting asked her assistant to reject An Chongqiu, she immediately suspended the meeting and returned to the conference room to call Ye Chen, saying respectfully on the phone, “Master Ye, your great uncle called again, saying that he wants to visit the Song Group, do you think it is necessary for me to meet with him?”

Ye Chen said, “A meeting is not impossible, but if they ask for news related to me, just tell them that I have left Jinling since the last auction, and as for where I went, you are not too sure.”

Song Wanting hurriedly said, “Master Ye, if you don’t want to reveal any clues for the time being, Wanting should not meet with your great uncle, I am afraid that if I meet and talk about anything, in case there is any bit of expression management that is not done properly, he will find out the clues.”

Ye Chen laughed: “Wan Ting are you stupid, my great uncle he is also the young master of the An family anyhow, he will definitely prepare enough sincerity to meet you this time, maybe he will bring a new development to the Song family, you must not miss this good opportunity.”

Song Wanting said seriously, “Master Ye, I am afraid of delaying your business, so I still want to keep a certain distance from the An family ……”

Ye Chen smiled and said, “You don’t need to think about this, after you meet with my great uncle, just ask three questions in front of him, even if he knows that you are hiding something, he definitely won’t dare to force you to tell the truth, moreover, even if you don’t say anything, the benefits he has prepared for you will definitely be given to you first.”