Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5574

  The person who could see through the jade trigger finger and see that it contained a formation must be someone who had mastered aura.

What kind of person mastered spiritual qi?

As far as Ye Chen knew, apart from himself, there were only five people.

One, was the Ying Master of the Qing Breaking Society.

The other four were the four Earls of the Qing Breaking Society.

However, Lord Ying would not come to Jinling by himself, and one of the four Counts had died.

Therefore, Ye Chen’s target was only three people left, and that was the three remaining Earls of the Qing Breaking Society.

Right now, his own grandparents, as well as Lin Wan’er, were all in Jinling, so the chances of the Earl of the Qing Breaking Society appearing in Jinling had greatly increased. However, after he did this, he would have great certainty that he would receive the first warning as soon as the Earl arrived in Jinling.

The airport and the high-speed railway station were the two gates to Jinling, that the Count could not have driven from the surrounding cities, so the greatest possibility was to take the two means of transport, the plane or the high-speed railway town.

And one has asked Zhang Ermao to arrange for two people to keep watch at these two places at all times, they may hold up signs of Zhang San Li Si and may keep watch at these two places for several days in a row, but it doesn’t matter because the odds are that the Broken Qing Society will not send two counts to Jinling, and even if they send two counts to Jinling, it is impossible for them to come by plane and high speed rail respectively at the same time.

Therefore, it was destined that the Earl of the Qing Breaking Society could only meet one of these two, and the Earl, despite his great strength, could not have known that there was another person wearing the same jade trigger finger tens of kilometres away, much less that the person holding the sign had been waiting here for days.

They would only be pleasantly surprised to discover that they had come across a magic weapon in Jinling!

Although this magic weapon was just a simple amulet, anyone else would have wondered if this jade trigger finger would be used as a clue to find other magic weapons.

In public, and with an important mission in mind, the Count of the Broken Qing Society would certainly not dare to be too arrogant and unrestrained in such matters, so he would definitely inquire about the source of this trigger finger in a low profile.

In this way, the trail would lead to Zhang Ermao.

When the Earl of the Broken Clear Society found Zhang Ermao, he would find that Zhang Ermao actually had a Lightning Stunning Talisman there.

Even if they didn’t recognise the thunderstorm talisman, they would surely be able to see that this magic weapon, capable of attacking! It was naturally much stronger than the jade trigger finger that could defend oneself.

At that time, they would have been so lucky that they would not have hesitated to pay several million dollars for it.

Even a rich kid like Qin Aodong would not be able to spend so much money on it, so the person who would buy it must be someone who knows what he is buying!

In other words, it must be one of the three Earls of the Qing Breaking Society!

At that time, the other party would be excited to get this Thunderstorm Order, and would definitely want to find an unoccupied place to try it out, and since he most likely did not have the Nine Mysterious Heavenly Scriptures, he could not possibly know that this Thunderstorm Order, which he had specially refined, could only be used once.

So, once he tried it, this Lightning Stunning Order would go up in smoke, and at the same time, it would trigger a heavenly thunderbolt!

At that time, one would not only know that he was coming, but would also know his approximate location!