Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5573

Once that was done, he returned from the room to the living room, handed both the two trigger fingers and a thunderstorm talisman to Zhang Ermao, and instructed, “Take these three items first, and make them as if they had just been dug out of the earth.”

Zhang Ermao immediately said, “Yes Master Ye, I will go back and process them for you immediately! Will I send them back to you when they’re processed?”

“No need.” Ye Chen said indifferently, “You go to the antique street, find two vendors who are more resourceful and you can completely eat, each give them a ring to wear on their hands, then one go to the airport arrival hall and one go to the exit of the high speed train station, hold a sign for me and wait to pick someone up, it doesn’t matter who you pick up, just write their names casually.”

“Uh ……” Zhang Ermao was astonished, “Master Ye, who exactly are you going to pick up? I don’t think you’ll be able to pick up anyone with a random name, right?”

Ye Chen said indifferently, “I’m not picking up someone, I’m waiting for someone!”

After saying that, Ye Chen said in a very serious manner, “Zhang Ermao, listen to every word of what I am going to say to you! If this matter is done well, I, Ye Chen, will promise you glory and wealth in the future!”

When Zhang Ermao heard this, he sat up straight with excitement and said respectfully, “Master Ye, just do as you wish! Ermao will do his best!”

Ye Chen nodded and said word for word: “You pay a high price and ask them to wait from the moment the airport and high-speed railway station open until they close, until someone asks them about the origin of the jade trigger finger they have. If the other party offers them a high price for it, tell them to ask for 100 times the actual market value, and not to sell it for a penny less.”

Although Zhang Ermao was confused, he still understood Ye Chen’s request and said, “Don’t worry, Master Ye, I will do it!”

Ye Chen nodded to his satisfaction, handed Zhang Ermao the thunderbolt talisman, and used some of his aura to tell him, “Keep this item for yourself, take it back to your antique street and continue to run your antique stall, but remember, you must put it in the most prominent position of your stall, and then no matter who comes to ask for it, you must ask for five million, not a penny less. If people ask you where you got the Thundering Talisman from, just tell them that you dug it out of a pit some time ago, and when someone asks you about it, you must be convinced in your own mind that all three items were dug out of the pit, got it?”

Zhang Ermao’s eyes staggered and he nodded heavily, “Understood!”

Ye Chen could see that the psychological suggestion had already taken effect on Zhang Ermao.

He then said to Zhang Ermao, “If this Thunderbolt Wood is bought, you will tell me first; if it is stolen, you will also tell me first.”

Zhang Ermao immediately said respectfully, “Yes, Master Ye! I’ll go and do it now!”

Ye Chen sent Zhang Ermao out of the villa, a smile of confidence wiping across the corner of his mouth.

The reason he had to do this was to hang a “bell” on each of the two gates of Jinling, and the two “bells” were the two jade trigger fingers he had given to Zhang Ermao.

As Zhang Ermao said, these two jade wrench fingers were made of ordinary materials and their price was not too high, so even people who knew about antiques would not put them in their eyes.

Therefore, when the two men wore a jade trigger finger and held up signs at the airport and the high-speed railway station, only one type of person would pay attention to the jade trigger finger on their fingers, and that was the person who could see through the jade trigger finger and see the formations contained in it!