Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5571

The following day.

Ye Chen arrived at the mid-level villa at Champs Elysees Spa at noon.

Zhang Ermao had arrived an hour earlier to wait here.

When he saw Ye Chen, Zhang Ermao said respectfully, “Master Ye, what orders do you have for me?”

Ye Chen smiled faintly and asked him, “Zhang Ermao, have you brought the things I asked you to bring?”

Zhang Ermao nodded repeatedly, took out a handbag from the car, and said to Ye Chen, “Back to Master Ye, I have brought everything you asked for!”

“Good.” Ye Chen greeted him and said, “Go in and talk.”

Ye Chen led Zhang Ermao to the living room of the villa, and Zhang Ermao then eagerly opened the suitcase and took out from it a number of strips of wood of different sizes and thicknesses, but all as black as charcoal.

The wood was taken out while he introduced to Ye Chen: “At that time you said you wanted lightning strike wood, this is all the reliable lightning strike wood I could find yesterday until now, we sell lightning strike wood in this market, nine and a half out of ten are artificially made fake goods, that really say where lightning strikes the trees do not know, these buyers come to the local people The actual wood is not very good and not very old, but I can guarantee you with my head that it’s all real lightning wood and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it!

Ye Chen nodded, took a cursory look at the wood he brought out, and nodded, “These are indeed all lightning striking wood, the quality is a bit poor, but it is just what I want.”

Zhang Ermao was confused and subconsciously asked, “Master Ye, how is it that the quality is not as good as you want it to be? I was afraid that these things I made would not be to your liking. ……”

The first thing that I would like to do is to tell you that I can’t understand it in three or five sentences.”

He said, Ye Chen asked him again, “Have you found the old trigger finger I asked you to find?”

“Found it!” Zhang Ermao hastily took out two more jade trigger fingers that looked very old from his pocket and handed them to Ye Chen, saying, “Look, Master Ye, these two jade trigger fingers, both are from the early Qing Dynasty, the stuff is real, but the material is not very good, ordinary Hetian jade, of average quality.”

Ye Chen nodded, took the two jade trigger fingers over, looked at them roughly and said, “This looks like something from a cooked pit to you, it has been unearthed for at least a few decades, right?”

Zhang Ermao gave a thumbs up and exclaimed, “Master Ye, you really have a discerning eye, these two jade wrench fingers are indeed from a cooked pit, I guess they have been out for at least thirty or forty years.”

Ye Chen said, “I want something from a raw pit, the rawer the better, the better it looks as if it was just unearthed a month ago, can you get it?”

“This ……” Zhang Ermao said awkwardly, “Master Ye, it is against the law to dump this matter …… these years, we in Jinling do this business has The majority of the buckets that can be poured now are broken things, and it’s really hard to come across this jade trigger finger.”

The first thing you need to do is to ask the owner of the jade wrench.

Ye Chen said, “Zhang Ermao, you are now Hong Wu’s man, in other words, that is also my man, so I am not hiding anything from you, I want the trigger finger from the raw pit because I intend to cheat people, if it is from the cooked pit, I guess it is hard to cheat.”