Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5557

This simple family dinner in the Ito family completely changed the direction for the future development of the Ito family.

Nanaiko Ito decided that from this moment on, she would climb to the top of the martial arts world, while Yohiko Ito decided to immediately start looking for a suitable professional manager and hand over the Ito family to a team of professional managers to run the family, while he himself would be behind the scenes controlling the direction of the Ito family to ensure that the professional managers would not take the Ito family downhill.

In this way, Nanaiko Ito will no longer have to be distracted by the Ito family’s business.

This father and daughter, with a vision for the future.

And Nanaeko Ito has thus come to understand a truth.

In the future, it did not really matter whether she could cultivate with Ye Chen or not.

What mattered was that, as long as she cultivated her martial art diligently, she would be able to stay by Ye Chen’s side for a long, long time in the future.


The following day.

An Qishan in the Manliu Villa slept until after eight o’clock before he woke up.

Yesterday and today he had slept very solidly, almost like he had never done before in these last twenty years.

His old companion, on the other hand, was still asleep at the moment because she was slightly tired after visiting Du Haiqing yesterday and going to quite a few places in Jinling to look for clues, while he sat alone on the desk in front of the window and began to write something with a pen and paper.

It was an hour later that the old lady woke up. After this night, her body felt as relaxed and comfortable as when she woke up yesterday, and even her breathing had become much smoother than before.

When she saw that the old man was writing something at his desk, she went up to him and asked, “Qishan, what are you writing?”

An Qishan turned to the old lady and said, “Writing what I can remember from yesterday.”

When the old lady heard this, she immediately asked nervously, “Well, what do you remember?”

An Qishan said seriously, “I seem to remember everything.”

“Remember everything?” The old lady asked in surprise, “Do you remember everything from the whole day? Do you remember what happened in the morning?”

An Qishan nodded and said, “When I woke up yesterday, you asked me how I had rested, and I said I hadn’t slept so soundly in many years, and then said I was probably a bit tired from the flight the day before, and you were surprised then and asked me what all I remembered ……”

The old lady asked, excitedly, “What happened next? Do you remember what happened next?”

“I remember.” An Qishan added, “Then you took me to see Chongqiu and Yalin, and gave me the idea to try to remember everything, and to review it today to see how much I still remember ……”

Said An Qishan and added: “Then I remember everyone discussing whether it was the environment of Wanliu Villa that improved me or the metaphysics of this villa that worked ……”

“My goodness ……” said the old lady, dumbfounded, “So it sounds like you remember everything …… ”

An Qishan nodded and said seriously, “I don’t feel any disconnect myself, it’s just that, some time further back, I don’t remember much ……”

The old lady was a little incoherent with excitement and kept muttering, “That’s wonderful! That’s wonderful! Not only has your condition not continued to deteriorate, but it has improved tremendously, your memory of yesterday is quite a bit clearer than mine, as for your previous memories, I’m sure you can slowly retrieve them, even if you can’t, it doesn’t matter, we can help you slowly replay them, your memory has been greatly improved now, as long as we help you replay them, you’ll be able to remember them too! “