Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5546

Seeing that the old lady was in a low mood, Du Haiqing comforted her somewhat apologetically, “Auntie, I also just lived here not long ago, and I don’t know if Ye Chen had been here for so many years before I lived here, so you don’t have to be too pessimistic.”

The old lady nodded gently and sighed, “I don’t doubt that Chen’er is still alive, it’s just that the clues I can find now that are related to Chen’er are too few, these clues, one broken one is one less ……”

Du Haiqing smiled, “Auntie, right now it may just not be time for you to meet him, when the time is right, even if he is far away, he will still come and meet you.”

The old lady laughed bitterly, “I believe what you say, I’m just afraid that I’m too old to wait for that day.”

When Du Haiqing saw the old lady’s despondency, he couldn’t help but feel a bit sad in his heart.

Jinling was definitely a sad place for the old lady to look back on.

Her daughter and son-in-law had lost their lives here, and her grandson had been missing for twenty years.

If she were in her place, I am afraid she would not have the courage to come here.

However, even at her age, the old lady still came here without any hesitation, and I am afraid that this alone will take a long time to build up her mind.

Thinking of this, Du Haiqing could not help but mutter in his heart, “Ye Chen, your grandmother still came to Jinling at such an old age, you should at least give her a thought even if you have a great deal of hardship, right?”

However, Du Haiqing also knew that the hardships and dangers Ye Chen faced were far beyond his own estimation, and given Ye Chen’s character, he must have had his own hardships in making such a cruel decision.

So, she hurriedly said to the old lady, “Auntie, since you have come all the way to Jinling, you might as well settle down and live here for a while longer, even if you can’t find Ye Chen in the elves, it doesn’t matter, maybe Ye Chen will come back one day, and you can still meet him here then.”

The reason why Du Haiqing advised the old lady to stay in Jinling for a longer period of time was because she knew how capable Ye Chen was, and although the old lady was old, as long as she was in Jinling, Ye Chen would be able to protect her in every way.

Du Haiqing’s words echoed what the old lady had in mind, and she nodded her head gently and said seriously, “I am not going back to Jinling for a short period of time this time. In other words, if I cannot wait for Chen’s return, I will stay in Jinling and not leave.”

Hearing this, Du Haiqing put his heart down and said with a smile, “Auntie, just stay in Jinling for a long time, you can come here whenever you want, and if there is anything you need from me in Jinling, I will also do my best.”

The old lady said gratefully, “Then thank you so much Haiqing!”


While the old lady was a guest at Du Haiqing’s home, Ye Chen was still at the Champs-Elysees Spa Hotel, silently following the progress of Hong Changqing’s teaching.

The oral liquid that was previously canned at the Serenity Villa was still sitting in the villa at the moment, and Ye Chen intended to wait a few more days, and after Nai Nai Zi, Qin Ao Xue, Chen Zekai and Hong Wu had all successfully stepped into the martial arts gate, he would then distribute that oral liquid to everyone, so that everyone could experience the feeling of rapid growth in cultivation.

After spending the morning at Champs-Elysees, Hong Changqing did not stop the morning’s lecture until 11:30 pm and said aloud to the crowd, “Gentlemen, this morning’s lecture ends here, you are free to eat and rest, and we will start the afternoon’s lesson at 1:30 pm sharp.”

The crowd stood up from their futon, bowing to Hong Changqing and thanking him before they walked out of the room to relax their muscles.

Ito Nana-chan was in no hurry to leave, but asked Qin Ao Xue with an excited look on her face, “Ao Xue, have you mastered the mystery of internal peeping?”