Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5544

  This is the kind of thing that you have to sink your teeth into, and only when you get that pulse will you be able to succeed.


The old town of Jinling.

The An family’s originally very visible motorcade had broken up before entering the old city, appearing less conspicuous, but all the vehicles were still closely protecting the business car in which Ye Chen’s grandmother and great-uncle were travelling on all sides.

In the old house of Ye Chen’s parents, Du Haiqing and Su Zhiyue had already had breakfast with their mother and daughter.

Su Zhiyu dressed herself in a simple and smart manner, picked up her handbag, and then said to Du Haiqing, “Mom, I’m going to the Finance and Economics College.”

Du Haiqing nodded and instructed, “Drive slowly on the way, will you still be back for lunch?”

Su Zhiyu said, “I won’t be back at noon, I’ll eat with Zhiqiu at the canteen of the Finance and Economics College.”

As one of the heads of Isu Shipping, Su Zhiyu had been going to Jinling University of Finance and Economics with He Zhiqiu every day in the last few days to seek tuition and recharge from He Yuanjiang, He Zhiqiu’s father.

Now, the business of Isu Shipping is getting bigger and bigger, and its market share and revenue are also getting higher and higher. Although there are no problems for the two girls in running a 100 billion dollar business, the speed of development of the business is after all too fast, and both of them are worried that their lack of experience and ability will limit the ceiling of Isu Shipping.

After all, He Yuanjiang is a top economics professor and has a wealth of practical experience and knowledge, so to the two young girls, he is like a leader.

Su Zhiyu was changing her shoes and getting ready to go out when she heard a crisp knock on the door outside the courtyard.

Although there was no doorbell, the knocking sound was as clear as a brass bell and could be heard in the room.

Su Zhiyu was a little puzzled and muttered, “Who’s coming to the house so early in the morning? It can’t be Mr. Ye, can it?”

“How could it be.” Du Haiqing subconsciously said, “Didn’t Ye Chen say that if anyone came to inquire about him in the near future, he wanted us to never mention anything? At such a sensitive time, how could he run over here on his own.”

Saying that, she hurriedly said, “I’ll go out and take a look.”

With that, Du Haiqing changed into her outdoor slippers and pushed the door out.

Through the iron grille door, she saw that standing outside the door was an old lady as well as a middle-aged male, these two were none other than Ye Chen’s grandmother and great uncle.

However, Ye Chen’s grandmother had almost never appeared in front of the media for so many years, and An Chongqiu hardly dealt with the media either because he was the main insider and not the main outsider, so Du Haiqing did not recognise the two.

She walked up to the door and opened her mouth to ask, “Who are you two looking for?”

The old lady outside the door looked at Du Haiqing, smiled slightly and asked her, “May I ask if you are Ms. Du Haiqing?”

Seeing that the other party could call her by name, Du Haiqing said humbly, “You are too kind, I am Du Haiqing, may I ask who you are?”

Old Mrs. An said with a smile, “I …… am Ye Changye’s mother-in-law, An Chengqing’s mother, Weng Hui Yin.”

With that, she pointed to An Chongqiu beside her and introduced, “This is my eldest son and Chengqi’s younger brother, An Chongqiu.”

“Huh?” Du Haiqing looked at the old lady in astonishment and exclaimed, “You’re Auntie An! Please come in quickly, please come in! Mr. An please come in too!”

Saying that, he hurriedly opened the door.

Du Haiqing hadn’t figured out at first what Old Mrs. An was doing here to find herself, but soon she realized that the purpose of the old lady’s visit should have nothing to do with herself, and combined with what Ye Chen had explained before, she immediately concluded that the old lady must be here to look for clues about Ye Chen.”