Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5541

“Yes.” The old lady nodded gently.

An Chongqiu looked surprised, “Su Shoudao’s ex-wife, why would she want to buy the place where my sister and my brother-in-law had lived?”

The old lady sighed lightly, “I had someone check it out, Su Shoudao’s ex-wife, had been your brother-in-law’s suitor back then, and she had been nostalgic about your brother-in-law for so many years, and some time ago, because of the bidding for that old mansion, she angered the Su family, and almost got cleaned up by the Su family, that matter was quite a big deal at that time, and we had heard about it in America. ”

“Yes ……” An Chongqiu nodded: “I’m not too sure about the specific details, I only know that the scandal of the Su family’s old man trying to kill his own daughter-in-law became a big deal, I didn’t expect it to be for this reason ……”

Then, An Chongqiu added, “In that case, then let Dad rest here while I accompany you on your trip over.”

The old man said without thinking, “No, I want to go too!”

An Chongqiu said, “Dad, you should stay at the villa to recuperate, we are still waiting to go over it with you tomorrow to see how much you can remember.”

The old man waved his hand, “Anytime is fine, and the day after tomorrow is fine. Since your mother is going to the place where Chengqi and Changyang used to live, I would like to go there too.”

When An Chongqiu was about to say something, the old lady said, “Chongqiu, your father is right, we will be staying here for a while anyway, and the review will not be today, so let’s go together!

Seeing that his mother had spoken, An Chongqiu didn’t say anything more, and immediately nodded, “Okay mum, you and dad eat first, I’ll make the arrangements.”

With that, An Chongqiu gave a wink to Li Yalin and the two of them left the restaurant and went to the courtyard.

At this time, An Chongqiu looked at Li Yalin and asked him, “Right old Li, judging from your experience, will that great nephew of mine, after all these years, go back to that old mansion for a look? If we start with the old mansion, can we find any relevant clues?”

Li Yalin nodded: “There is this possibility, people are emotional animals after all, the vast majority of people have such episodes, and in all cases where the suspects fled and were later caught, a large part of the suspects, were caught in the process of quietly returning home, or contacting their families, Ye Chen’s last memories with his parents are in that old mansion, in reason, they should all go back to see. ”

Said, he added: “But it’s been twenty years since Chengqi was killed, even if Ye Chen had come back, placed in such a long timeline of twenty years, I’m afraid it would be difficult to find any useful clues.”

“That’s true.” An Chongqiu nodded gently and said, “After all, it has been twenty years, even if Ye Chen had come back, I’m afraid there is no way to investigate. My mother wants to visit the old mansion, probably more because she wants to see the place where my sister’s family had lived.”

Li Yalin nodded his head and said, “I understand this very well.”

Li Yalin knew very well in his heart that Ye Chen had a lot of eyes and ears in Jinling, so this matter must have been settled long ago. Even if An Chongqiu found his doorstep, as long as Ye Chen did not want to see him, it was impossible for An Chongqiu to find any specific clues.

As for himself, his life was saved by Ye Chen, so of course he could not betray Ye Chen.