Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5539

In the large dining room on the ground floor, the maids had already prepared a sumptuous breakfast, and An Chongqiu and Li Yalin were already sitting at the table in high spirits, devouring the various fine breakfast items.

  Not only did the old couple feel extraordinarily comfortable this night, these two also felt the same way.

  They felt as if they were back to the mindless, energetic age of 17 or 18, when they could lie down in bed and fall asleep immediately after exhausting all their energy during the day.

  When they saw the old couple coming, they stood up to greet them, while An Chongqiu asked with concern, “Mom and Dad, did you both sleep well last night?”

  The old lady said with an excited look on her face, “I slept really well, and I have good news for you, the old man actually remembers what happened yesterday!”

  ”Really?!” An Chongqiu was so shocked that the doughnut fell out of his hand, he looked at his rosy-cheeked father and hurriedly asked, “Dad, you still remember everything that happened yesterday?!”

  The old man said, “I remember part of it …… from the time I got off the plane to the time I arrived here, all of it is very clear, further on I can’t remember.”

  An Chongqiu said off the top of his head, “I was just telling Yalin that this place seems to be really a piece of feng shui treasure, after a person sleeps here, he feels relaxed all over his body, he said he also had the same feeling, I also thought that maybe we both had some kind of hallucination or illusion, I didn’t expect you two to have the same feeling! What’s even more incredible is that you can still remember what happened yesterday, Dad, that’s amazing too!”

  Saying that, he looked at Li Yalin at the side and asked, “Yalin, do you think there is something metaphysical in this?”

  At the side, Li Yalin smiled and nodded, saying, “This thing is indeed a bit miraculous, and more importantly, it is also true that one can feel the wonders of it, so maybe there is really something metaphysical about it.”

  Although Li Yalin said this with his mouth, he was already keenly aware in his heart that this wonderful change was definitely not metaphysics, and that it must be inseparably related to Ye Chen.

  He could even be sure that it was from Ye Chen’s handwriting.

  Originally, Li Yalin did not believe in metaphysics, but since he had been saved by Ye Chen, he not only believed in metaphysics, but also had a great deal of respect for it.

  Although Ye Chen had not explicitly told him what the mysteries of this villa were, during his conversation with Ye Chen before he arrived, Ye Chen had specifically explained to him that he must make sure that the old man and the old lady lived in this villa, and that he must let them stay as long as possible.

  Originally, he did not understand the apparently very contradictory relationship between Ye Chen not wanting to identify with the old couple on the one hand, and wanting them to stay here for a longer period of time on the other.

  But this morning, when he had this wonderful feeling in his body, he realised that this was in fact Ye Chen’s real purpose.

  Ye Chen had long ago made a big deal out of this place, so that anyone who lived here would be able to have their bodies enhanced and improved in no small way.

  Perhaps, if the old man just stayed here for more days, the troubles that Alzheimer’s had given him would be solved.

  Thinking of this, Li Yalin also had a little more admiration for Ye Chen. Although he had been reluctant to identify with his grandparents, he had indeed gone to great lengths for the sake of the An family!

  At this moment, the old lady said happily, “This has only just been here for a day and there is such a great improvement, if we stay here for some more days, maybe this disease will even heal itself without a cure!”

  After saying that, she remembered something and hurriedly looked to the old man at the side and said excitedly, “Qishan, from now on, try to remember every single thing that happened today, every single detail and every single word you heard and you said to others, and we’ll review it here in the morning to see how much of today’s memory you can all retain! “