Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5531

  An Chongqiu, An Kaifeng and An Youyou also understood the old lady’s concern. Although they trusted their other halves, no one dared to say too much at such a time.

So, An Chongqiu took the lead, “Don’t worry, I didn’t plan to take my wife and children with me to Jinling this time.”

An Kaifeng and An Youyou also both nodded in agreement.

“Good.” The old lady said gratefully, “From now on, as long as the Broken Qing Society does not perish, all major affairs of the An Family can only be decided by me, the old man, and you four brothers and sisters, and no An Family children or grandchildren under the age of twenty-four are allowed to interfere, nor are any outsiders who cannot be absolutely trusted.”

The crowd nodded repeatedly, and the old lady’s approach was unanimously approved by the crowd at this extraordinary time.

At this moment, the old lady said to An Chongqiu, “Chongqiu, contact Yalin and see what he is doing now, if his time and energy allow, ask him to go to Jinling with us. If he can go with us, he should be able to help us a lot.”

“No problem.” An Chongqiu said at once, “I’ll call Old Li later and see if he’s available.”

The old lady urged, “I’ll have to wait for a while, call now, if Yalin is in America and there is no problem with the time, you send a plane to pick him up and we will go together in the evening.”

“OK!” An Chongqiu immediately took out his mobile phone and paced to the window to call Li Yalin.

Some time ago, Li Yalin had been in Syria, and his mission was to find out the other dead soldiers’ quarters of the Qing Breaking Association, but since Ye Chen had done the trick to take out the Qing Breaking Association’s Jian Gong Bo Ou Bo Jun and successfully executed the plan to overthrow the nest, the Qing Breaking Association had entered into a dormant period, and the lead of the shipping company was temporarily interrupted, so Ye Chen gave Li Yalin a leave of absence, allowing him to go back to the United States first to spend time with his wife and daughter.

Right now, Li Yalin had just returned to Houston for a couple of days.

When he received a call from An Chongqiu, he just pressed the answer button and heard An Chongqiu ask, “Old Li, are you in the US now?”

“Yes.” Li Yalin didn’t mention that he had left the country some time ago and casually said, “I’m in Houston.”

Saying that, he asked curiously, “Chong Qiu, you haven’t contacted me all this time, why did you suddenly call today? Is there something I can help you with?”

An Chongqiu didn’t bother and got straight to the point, “Old Li, my mother is planning to go to Jinling to look for clues about my great nephew, she wants to ask you to go with her.

When Li Yalin heard this, he was a bit worried.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to go to Jinling, mainly because he already knew Ye Chen’s identity, and he knew that the person the An family was looking for was settled in Jinling, but as long as Ye Chen didn’t give his consent, he absolutely couldn’t reveal his identity. The thought of the two old men looking for their grandson was really something he could not bear.

When An Chongqiu saw that Li Yalin was hesitant to answer, he said, “It’s alright old Li, you don’t have to be embarrassed if it’s not convenient for you.”

“No, no.” Li Yalin said, “I’m retired, how can I be inconvenienced …… you say when to leave, I’ll prepare.”

An Chongqiu said, “My mother means to depart from New York this evening, if it’s okay with you, I’ll send a plane to Houston to pick you up.”

“OK.” Li Yalin agreed readily and said, “Coordinate the plane and tell me the time of departure from Houston, I will simply pack some clothes and go to the airport.”

An Chongqiu said gratefully, “Thank you so much old Li, I’ll arrange the plane and I’ll let you know the first time it arrives in Houston.”