Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5530

The An family had long known that the old lady was going to Jinling.

Moreover, this decision of hers had long been approved by the whole family.

After the crisis that had almost wiped out their family, the An family had lost interest in career, money and status, and preferred to do their best to make up for the shortcomings in their lives in the future.

To the entire An family, the death of An Chengqing was naturally the greatest regret.

This was closely followed by the unknown whereabouts of Ye Chen.

An Chengqin’s death was irreparable and irreparable, and the only thing that could be done now was to find Ye Chen.

Especially as the old man’s Alzheimer’s disease was getting worse, the An family did not want to find Ye Chen in the future when the old man could no longer remember Ye Chen at all.

An Chongqiu, who was normally the chief of the An family’s internal affairs work, had already arranged for his men to buy out the Wanliu Mountain Villa in Jinling in advance, while coordinating with over a hundred martial arts experts as well as well-trained bodyguards to travel to Jinling in advance to prepare.

With so many masters protecting the Man Liu Villa at every level, plus the fact that the security in China is so much better than that in the United States, and there is no proliferation of guns, the security for the An family in Jinling is, on the whole, much higher than that in the United States.

At this moment, An Chongqiu said, “Mom, this time I will accompany you and Dad to go there first, Zhaonan and Yo Yo will stay in the United States to arrange the children’s affairs first, after the children have settled down, then leave for Jinling to join us, Kai Feng is not in a hurry to leave yet, some business matters in the United States, as well as various affairs of the board of directors, Kai Feng still needs to make good arrangements, so Kai Feng will be the last to leave.”

Mrs. An had no problem with this arrangement, so she nodded and said, “Let’s go by Chongqiu’s arrangement.”

The others also nodded their heads. An Chongqiu, the eldest brother, was always able to arrange the family’s affairs in an orderly manner, so he was very authoritative within the family, and even An Kaifeng, who was in charge of the entire An family business, always obeyed An Chongqiu when it came to the family’s internal affairs.

Seeing that no one had any objections, An Chongqiu asked the old lady, “Mother, when do you think it’s appropriate for us to leave?”

Without thinking, Mrs. An said, “Let’s leave at night! I’ve already asked Master Hong to help me look at the feng shui of Wan Liu Villa, and Master Hong said that the natural environment there is very good, and it’s more suitable for our old man to recuperate than a metropolis like New York.”

An Chongqiu immediately said, “Okay mum, then I will coordinate a flight now and go there as soon as possible.”

“Oh right.” The old lady suddenly remembered something and spoke, “There is something that I hesitate to say hello to you guys.”

The crowd was busy saying, “Go ahead, Ma!”

The old lady looked around at everyone and then said, “This time when you go to Jinling, none of you are allowed to bring your family members with you, tell them it is my wish, if they complain about me, let them complain.”

An Zhaonan’s wife, who had been with him for twenty years, was an undercover agent who had been planted by the Broken Qing Society for more than twenty years, a matter that made the old lady extremely insecure.

She also did not know whether the other half of her eldest son An Chongqiu, her second son An Kaifeng and her youngest daughter An Youyou had the same hidden problems, so this time when she went to Jinling to look for clues about her grandson, she did not want to let any unstable factors get involved, An Chengqi had already passed away after all, if she implicated Ye Chen again because of the lack of secrecy, she was afraid that she would not be able to explain to her eldest daughter after her death.