Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5454

  ”At this time, if we still bring these people to the other premises of the Broken Qing Society, wouldn’t that be leading the wolf into the house!”

“So the best thing to do is to control all of these people and settle them once and for all! That way, the copper mine and the copper refinery line, we can even give up completely, and at the same time, we can also isolate the potential danger for the time being!”

Wu Shutong had no choice but to respectfully say, “Yes, Lord Ying, I understand, don’t worry, I will get this done!”

The British Lord admonished, “Before you sink the ship, you must not let any of them see through your purpose, once they know that we are going to kill them, then they may fight to the death to reveal our secret, I want them to get on the ship willingly, set off with longing, and then die without a word!”

Wu Shutong immediately said, “Don’t worry, Ying Lord, I will do as I am told!”

Lord Ying said, “Seize the time to go to Cyprus, and report to me at the first sign of any situation!”

“My subordinate obeys!”


Half an hour later, a private plane took off from Naples airport.

Wu Shutong took a few of his inner circle, carrying aerial drones and other equipment, and set off for Cyprus.

Once the plane landed, they repeated the route of Jian Gong Bo Ou Bo Jun, yes. Ah, out of the airport and hired a car to drive to the location where the copper mine was located.

And by this time the entire copper mine was surrounded by official Cypriot investigators who were blocking information while they urgently excavated the site.

The purpose of the excavations was to find out how many casualties there were.

However, to the surprise of the Cypriot authorities, soil and building debris were excavated at several locations in the collapse zone and samples from the excavations were quickly tested by experts, only to find that none of the samples contained any human tissue, or blood or even DNA.

In other words, there may be no one here at all, or there may be no victims at all.

This left the official investigators in Cyprus in a state of disbelief.

The entire copper mine had collapsed into a deep ruin, but there seemed to be no one inside, so where had the people in the same frame gone? Had they evacuated early?

But how could they have evacuated in time for such a catastrophic accident, which must have happened so suddenly?

The only possibility is that all these people had fully completed their evacuation before the disaster struck.

If that were the case, then this would not be an accident or a natural disaster, but a premeditated man-made destruction.

But this was all the more inexplicable because this was, after all, a copper mine that had been in operation for decades, with an entire investment of at least several hundred million dollars, and the owners of the mine, why would they destroy it into ruins?

While they were puzzled, an excited voice suddenly came over the intercom at the scene: “We’ve found a metal object that looks like a warhead here, and there seems to be blood on it!”

The commander on the scene immediately blurted out, “Quick! Bring the object up, and remember not to contaminate the traces and blood on it!”

Soon the staff brought over the excavated metal slug in a sealed bag.

Although the commander was not a weapons expert, he was able to instantly recognise that it must be a warhead, and that it was of a thick calibre, so it was not an ordinary bullet warhead at first glance.

So he immediately took a picture of the warhead and sent it to the weapons expert, who quickly replied that it appeared to be a 30mm calibre close-in artillery warhead.

The biologists on the scene also managed to detect human blood and dna from the warhead.

For a moment, the entire field command was in an uproar!