Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5453

“What did you say?!”

Lord British’s voice suddenly rose an octave as he questioned incredulously, “What’s wrong with him?! Let him carry out the mission, and he even engaged in a lost connection?!”

Wu Shutong hurriedly said, “Lord Ying …… may not be that Jian Gong Bo himself initiated the disconnection …… because …… because… …”

Lord Ying’s voice was cold and incomparable as he questioned, “Because of what?! From now on, if you stammer again, you will cut your tongue off yourself!”

Wu Shutong’s heart trembled and he said in a panic, “Back to the British Lord! The Cypriot sectional envoy, Ni Zhenyu, can’t be contacted now either, and even the alternative sectional envoys that we have placed by his side have also lost contact at the same time ……”

Wu Shutong continued, “Under normal circumstances, both Ni Zhenyu and the alternate ambassadors must be in communication 24 hours a day, this is the most basic requirement ……”

“Especially the alternative section envoy, he personally also has a special contact method, because once the section envoy appears abnormal, he is to immediately fill in for him, and even if necessary, he has to decapitate the section envoy, so even if the section envoy loses contact, he should never lose contact …… ”

The British Lord on the other end of the phone, silent for about two seconds, whirled off and asked, “You mean to say that the Cyprus base is finished?!”

Wu Shutong’s voice trembled as he said, “Lord Ying, my subordinates do not have a definite news now, but things are really bad nowadays, my subordinates are worried that not only the base in Cyprus, even Jian Gong Bo …… has met with misfortune!”

“How can that be!” Lord Ying blurted out, “Ou Bojun has already mastered aura, his strength is too much beyond ordinary martial artists, ten of you may not be his opponent, besides me and Chang Sheng Bo, I don’t know who else in this world can kill him!”

Wu Shutong said helplessly, “Lord Ying …… recently many things are too strange, could it be that there is another top expert who is secretly working against us …… in all these years since Ye Chang Ying and his wife were killed by Uncle Changsheng There has never been such trouble ……”

Lord Ying said in a cold voice: “I originally only sent Uncle Changsheng to find out the whereabouts of Lin Wan’er, but the reason why I sent the other three earls this time is to let them do a proper search for relevant clues and see if they can dig out the person behind the curtain ……”

At this point, the British Lord immediately added coldly, “Now is not the time to consider this matter! You immediately go to Cyprus personally at once, I don’t care what methods you use, before dawn, I want to know what is really happening in Cyprus!”

Without thinking, Wu Shutong said, “Don’t worry, British Lord, I’ll set off right away!”

The British Lord urged, “If anything changes, withdraw all the men arranged in Turkey at the first opportunity.”

Wu Shutong hurriedly asked, “Then where should my subordinates evacuate these people to?”

The British Lord was silent for a moment and said in a cold voice, “Don’t they have a ship specially designed to transport copper ore? Take them all on board and say that they are to be evacuated to the other bases of the Right Army Governorate in Africa, then take the freighter to the high seas and simply blow it up and sink it.”

Wu Shutong said in horror, “Is the British Lord …… going to sink them all at sea?”

The British Lord coldly said, “If something has really gone wrong with the copper mines in Cyprus, then it proves that the other side has figured out the situation of the copper mines, and the Turkish copper refineries, as enterprises closely linked to the copper mines, must have been exposed to the enemy;”