Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5448

  It was also at this moment that Ou Bojun learned that it turned out that after a person’s head was cut off, he would not lose consciousness for the time being in the very first moment, or at least for that short half second period.

His brain could still think, his eyes could still see, and his ears could still hear the loud sound of the shells whistling!

The last consciousness of Ou Bojun was filled with anger and resentment.

He had never imagined that he would end up with a dead body. Compared to the taxi driver he had just killed out of anger, he had only lost his head, but I was afraid that I would not even be able to keep my head!

Before the spinning head hit the ground, shells continued to whistle around the perimeter, blasting the opposite wall to pieces, shell after shell.

And unfortunately for him, although Ou Bojun’s body had become mush, his head, being a much smaller target and still spinning, had managed to deftly dodge the barrage of bullets.

Although the spectacle-type ballistic trajectory set by that weapon expert from the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons was very strong, it had to prioritise a larger coverage area after all, so the ballistic density was not dense enough to reduce it to the size of a head.

It was because of this that O’Byrne’s head was briefly preserved.

However, the searing heat of the warhead, as it shattered Oberkun’s torso, burned those body tissues so hot and scorched that the air was filled with the smell of burnt meat.

The odour factor permeated the air, and even though Obojun could no longer breathe, the spinning head carried the smell into his nasal cavity, causing Obojun to even passively smell the eerie odour.

His remaining consciousness, however, sensed that his head was about to fall to the ground, and at this moment he felt a little grateful that he had at least kept his head intact.

But just as his head was about to fall to the ground, a shell from a close-in defence cannon went straight through the left eye socket of Olbermann!

At the moment the shell pierced his eye socket, Ou Bojun’s mind went dead, and his last consciousness was that he had really lived up to Yun Ruge’s words this time, and that dust would return to dust. ……

Then, the shell exploded with a loud bang, shattering his head!

And the last of Ou Bojun’s consciousness also went up in smoke in this instant ……

The confident Ou Bojun had never thought that there would be anyone here who could threaten his safety, let alone that he would be here, dead and buried.

Both Wan Bajun and Qiu Zhiyuan witnessed the process of Ou Bojun being blown to smithereens through the monitor. Although they had expected this ending, they were both horrified and terrified at this time.

The two of them were able to see through Ou Bojun’s fast-moving figure that Ou Bojun’s strength was far above the two of them, and that bizarre, almost perverted reaction speed was simply not something a human could possess.

But so what?

Although Ou Bojun’s speed is no faster than an ordinary person, but in front of the dense close defense shells, there is still no chance of escape and resistance.

A top expert had been wiped out in a matter of moments, and if such a weapon was used on the two of them, they were afraid that they would not even have a chance to react.

At this moment, the motor of the close defence cannon had stopped running.

This was because the system had decided that the target it had locked onto was completely dead.

The whole process, in fact, only lasted for about two seconds.

In those two seconds, the three close defence guns had fired a total of over 300 rounds.

Of these, less than one tenth of them actually hit Ou Bojun.

While Wan Bajun was shocked, he also realised that from now on, it was the beginning of Ye Chen’s plan to overthrow the nest, so he immediately picked up the intercom and said offhandedly, “All listen to the order, follow the established plan and retreat in an orderly manner!”