Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5446

  As Ou Bojun held his breath and quickly broke through towards the northern fence of the copper mine at a very fast speed and with a very low voice, he did not know that when he was still two hundred metres away from the fence, Wan Bajun’s computer screen had already received an alarm.

At the same time, the servo motors of the three close-in defence guns turned rapidly, their muzzles adjusting in accordance with their respective predetermined striking positions as Oubertjun moved.

In this instant, Ou Bojun suddenly felt that something was wrong, and his intuition had a vague feeling of unease, as if multiple experts were watching him dead in the dark.

He couldn’t help but wonder in his mind, “What’s going on …… why does his heart always feel vaguely uneasy ……”

But in the next instant, he thought that maybe he was overthinking it.

After all, he had already broken through the Patriarch realm and was now no longer in the martial arts sequence. With his own strength, how many opponents could there be under the universal sky? In a place like this, how could another expert possibly set his sights on him?

He did not know that at this moment, Wan Bajun had already placed his finger on the top of the computer’s Enter key.

As soon as he pressed the Enter key, the three close-in guns would strike at Ou Bojun’s location and the surrounding area with the speed of lightning.

At this moment, Wan Bajun was already nervous and starting to sweat coldly, while his master Qiu Zhiyuan was standing right behind him, equally incomparably nervous, saying, “Bajun, fire! This man is moving so fast, he must be one of the Four Counts!”

Wan Bajun shook his head, “Master, I’m afraid he still has company, let’s hold steady and wait until he enters the first alert range before firing!”

And at this moment, outside the fence.

Ou Bojun thought he had arrived under the fence unnoticed.

He radiated his aura to check and found the nearest primus guard, on top of a building about twenty metres away from him.

This distance was not far or close, but luckily it was late at night, and as he was agile and could hide all his scent, he thought it would be impossible to be discovered.

Although he was confident, he still felt vaguely uneasy when he looked at the high wall, his heart was always falling, he was always unsure, and he even felt as if someone was secretly watching him.

It was a strange feeling.

Ever since he had broken into the Dark Realm at a young age, he had never been afraid.

But here today, in just a few seconds, he had already twice felt an inexplicable unease and trepidation.

He did not understand where this uneasiness originated from, and his extreme confidence in his own strength allowed him to only temporarily attribute this uneasiness to Yun Ru Ge.

He couldn’t help but curse in his heart, “Fucking Yun Ru Ge, you’re disturbing my mind, I’ll make you pay for it sooner or later!”

Immediately, he shook off his head, refocused his attention on the high wall in front of him, and with a deft flip, he floated down to the inner side of the fence.

At this moment, Wan Bajun’s finger, was still hovering over the enter key.

The system once again gave a warning that the target had entered the level one alert range.

And Wan Bajun also found that there were no other targets in the secondary alert range of the return pattern.

This basically concluded that there was and was only one target.

So, he looked at the human silhouette marked by thermal imaging on the monitor and said indifferently, “Since there is only one of you, then you will be on your way alone!”

With that, he tapped his right middle finger, lightly, on the computer’s enter key.

“Snapped ……”