Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5445

  The good thing was that these Primus guards were not very strong, their combined combat power was only at the level of five to eight star martial artists, and there was still a big gap between them and Ou Bojun, so Ou Bojun had full confidence that he could easily blend in and not be discovered.

Unlike Ye Chen, who had occasionally obtained the “Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures” and directly mastered the aura, Ou Bojun had cultivated from the Bright Realm martial artist little by little, from the Bright Realm, Dark Realm, Transformation Realm and Patriarch Realm, he had taken one step at a time and walked very solidly.

It was only when he broke through to the Patriarch realm that he truly mastered his aura, so don’t look at his mastery of aura as only an introduction, but his practical combat ability as well as his practical combat experience were very powerful.

And a martial artist who can break through the Patriarchal realm step by step is definitely an unparalleled talent in the martial dao. Such a person has been practising martial arts for years, and his pursuit of martial arts far exceeds that of ordinary people, and this will subconsciously make him arrogant and become uncaring, even oblivious to modern technology.

Faced with this copper mine, and the sectarians, primus guards and dead soldiers within this copper mine, Ou Bojun had a sense of superiority as a king over the world. He felt that the people here, even the strongest sectarian, Ni Zhenyu, was only a Dark Realm martial artist, not even worthy to carry his shoes, and facing this kind of place, it was almost impossible for him to take any risks.

However, he did not know that in order to deal with martial arts wizards like him, Ye Chen had already abandoned the traditional way of using martial arts to control martial arts, and the three close defence cannons had already been loaded and electrified, ready to deal a fatal blow to his opponent at any time.

Ou Bojun sank down and carefully observed everything around him, trying to see if there were others like himself who were also secretly watching the copper mine.

However, after observing carefully for another ten minutes, he came to the conclusion that there was no one else out of the copper mine’s periphery but himself.

This also meant that the copper mine was not being monitored by outsiders.

The probability was that the problem was inside the mine.

So, Ou Bojun decided that he would infiltrate now.

Before moving on, he took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Wu Shutong, the capital governor of the Right Army, which read: Old brother, no abnormalities have been found on the outskirts of the copper mine, I am ready to infiltrate, and will issue a secret order to Ni Zhenyu in ten minutes.

Soon, he received a reply from Wu Shutong, the content was simple: “Yes old brother!”


Ou Bojun did not know anything about technology.

If he had known more about technology, he would have known that the reason why this world was not ruled by martial artists was because the power of cutting-edge technology was so much stronger than the strength of martial artists.

He thought that the strength of everyone here was far below his, so he instinctively felt that there could be no one here who could threaten him.

However, he never dreamed that just at the three high points of this copper mine, there were three big killers that were enough to take his life.

Under the sky, there was no one arrogant enough to specifically hit people with a close-in defence cannon, it was like no one specifically robbing a bank in a main battle tank.

But in Ye Chen’s case, everything became logical.