Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5444

After Ou Bojun’s side borrowed the slope, Yun Ruge also stopped talking to him and just returned an ok.

When Ou Bojun looked at these two letters, his mood suddenly became very bad.

Although he had known that Yun Ruge would reject him, after he was really rejected, he felt completely unacceptable in his heart.

He was not the humble gentleman he appeared to be in front of Yun Ru Ge. On the contrary, he was narrow-minded and held a grudge against anyone who had offended him.

In his view, Yun Ru Ge’s refusal was a standard act of insensitivity.

So he couldn’t help but curse to himself, “Yun Ruge, why are you so fucking arrogant in front of me? You don’t like me, do you? Wait, I’ll find a chance to make you fall in love with me sooner or later!”

For the rest of the flight, he had no place to vent his anger.

At 11.30pm, the plane landed at Larnaca International Airport and O’Brien walked out of the airport empty-handed.

It was late at night and it was drizzling in the southern part of Cyprus.

He hailed a taxi at the entrance to the airport and sped off in the direction of the copper mine.

Before setting off, Wu Shutong had already shown him the exact location of the mine and the plan of the mine.

According to his plan, he intended to first sneak into the main office building of the copper mine from the periphery of the mine, where the sectional governor Ni Zhenyu lived.

More than half an hour later.

A taxi pulled up at the edge of the road less than a kilometre from the copper mine.

The water temperature of the engine and the temperature of the bonnet were still high, but the car was empty, no passenger and no driver.

At that moment, in the woods to the north of the copper mine, Ou Bojun was hiding in the middle of a towering tree, hiding his form through the dense foliage while still being able to easily observe the movements on the north side of the mine through the gaps in the foliage.

And behind him, in another tree, hangs a body with its head in a different place.

The body’s head had been ripped off with brute force, and the body was then suspended from a sturdy branch by the victim’s own leather strap tied around both ankles.

The corpse’s neck was still spurting blood outwards, while the blood mixed with the rainwater and converged in a red stream on the ground.

This corpse was the taxi driver who had just driven Ou Bojun over.

Ou Bojun had actually wanted to kill someone on the plane.

However, it was not practical to kill someone on the plane, and once the crew was frightened, it might even lead to an air crash.

So, he targeted the taxi driver.

The driver stopped at the side of the road as he had requested, but he lost his life in the process, so O’Brien dragged him into the woods and savagely chopped him up to vent his frustration.

Only after killing the driver did Ou Bojun finally calm down again, ignoring the corpse behind him, which was still dripping blood, and focusing all his attention on the copper mine not far away.

As Ou Bojun had already mastered his aura, his senses had been greatly enhanced, and he was able to spot the secret sentry on duty inside the copper mine even from a few hundred metres away.

There were quite a few hidden sentries inside the copper mine, but this did not surprise Ou Bojun, after all, this kind of deadly guard station was of great significance to the Broken Qing Society, and each one was built at great expense and with a lot of manpower and resources, so security was naturally a top priority.