Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5440


Inside the copper mines of Cyprus.

Wan Breaking Army arranged for a helicopter to lift the three close-in defence guns to their intended location.

The blasting bolts that Lang Hongjun wanted were rare, but they were available on the black market and were small enough to be flown in without wasting too much time.

Once the three guns were fixed with the blasting bolts, the six-barrel turret did not move at all, and there was no problem with the stability of the whole gun.

All the bolts had been attached to the detonators, so that when needed, the bolts would blow off in a flash with the flick of a switch, achieving physical separation.

Once the gun was in position, Lang Hongjun worked with the weapons experts to link the targeting and locking logic of the gun to the infrared radar and thermal imaging identification equipment.

According to the logic developed by Lang Hongjun and the other weapons experts, they first set the entire copper mine fence as the primary alert range, and then set the part of the “back” shaped area within 200 metres of the copper mine fence as the secondary alert range.

Once the identification system is activated, any living creature entering the area from the outside will immediately trigger an alarm, and the system will automatically lock on to the external target while alerting the operator.

At this point, the controller can immediately press the fire button, and once pressed, each of the three close defence guns will fire in a swirling trajectory in the direction of the target and around it.

While the guns were still being fired, Lang got the primus guards to wait outside the secondary guard range.

As soon as the system was activated, he used the intercom to ask one of these Primus guards to run into the secondary alert range, only to see that as soon as this man entered the secondary alert range, the system immediately started to warn him, while the three close-in defence guns were watching him with dead eyes, and wherever he went, the guns moved towards his position in real time.

Seeing this effect, Wan Bajun was shocked and blurted out, “If this is loaded, once the switch is pressed, won’t the locked target be extinguished in smoke?”

“Right.” Lang Hongjun nodded and said, “This identification system is still very powerful, there’s hardly any delay, plus the speed at which the shells are fired, so I guess it’s impossible to escape.”

At this moment, a weapon expert from the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons spoke up, “Hall Master, the trajectories of these three cannons still need to be fine-tuned, considering that the target may be very strong and may be moving very fast, if all three cannons are chasing him, there is a real possibility that they won’t be able to catch up with him.”

“Yes.” Wan Bajun nodded, “I also don’t know how strong the Count of the Broken Qing Society will be, the stronger he is, the more agile his body will be, so you guys should definitely play ahead of time when locking onto the target.”

That weapons expert laughed, “We don’t just have to hit a good amount of advance, when the time comes this middle gun chases the target sweeping back and forth horizontally from left to right, hitting a horizontal trajectory, the other two guns, circling around the circumference of the target hitting out of two circular trajectories, the trajectory formed by these three guns then chases the target as a whole quickly clockwise or counterclockwise. ”

He pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose and pointed at them, “The overall trajectory is like the shape of my glasses, and it is a glasses-type trajectory that keeps moving in a circular motion with a central point, the system will always locate the target in the middle of the glasses, so that it is impossible for him to escape in any direction.”

Wan Breaking Jun muttered and repeated, “Glasses shaped, constantly rotating ballistics …… is what this means, right ……”

“Right.” The weapons expert said, “The three guns would chase after the target and hit a comprehensive coverage of an oversized curtain of shells, this curtain, not the one posted by the netizens on the video website, this curtain, was a canopy of shells formed entirely by hundreds or thousands of 30mm close defense shells, with comprehensive coverage. Moreover, each gun can densely cover an area of hundreds of square meters, and the three guns cross each other’s coverage, even a fly can’t possibly fly out of the curtain of shells alive.”