Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5439

  Ou Bojun was silent for a moment, his brain was racing.

It was just a pity that he was not Li Yalin.

If he were Li Yalin, he would definitely be pulling out the threads and combing through all the possible breakdowns in the entire operation.

If he was given enough time, he would have been able to focus on the air courier company that was used to transport the dead soldiers.

Even if you are capable, you cannot hide the trajectory of a plane with a take-off weight of two to three hundred tons in the sky without a trace. In fact, while small planes still have the possibility of avoiding radar, large planes will be tracked and locked by multiple radar stations at the same time once they take to the sky.

Moreover, all radars are operated by the aviation security departments of sovereign countries, and intercontinental voyages have to be controlled by multiple radar stations in multiple countries in succession, and even if the Broken Clear Society is strong, it is impossible to buy these.

Therefore, Li Yalin’s thinking hit the weakness of the Broken Ching Society squarely, and what he was targeting was not the dead man’s station, but the plane that deployed the dead man and the primus inter pares.

The Qing Breakers needed to manoeuvre quickly on a global scale, but they had no way to hide the flight paths of their planes. Even if they hid their shipping companies very deeply, they could definitely find clues to them if they diligently searched the civil aviation system information.

Ou Bojun couldn’t come up with anything after thinking about it, so he spoke up, “In that case, I’ll go to this dead man’s station myself and see if I can find any clues!”

Wu Shutong said with surprise, “Uncle Jian Gong’s words are right! This is exactly what I want to do!”

Ou Bojun said, “In that case, please help me arrange for a plane, I will go there myself!”

Wu Shutong nodded and said, “It’s very close to Cyprus from here, so what time would it be appropriate for Uncle Jian Gong to arrange the plane?”

Ou Bojun’s brows knitted slightly as he pondered for a moment, “I’m going to go there without revealing my identity, but to sneak in quietly and observe the operation of the entire Deadman’s quarters, and see if there’s anything wrong, especially the core members, including the one you mentioned, Ni Zhenyu, and if I’m sure Ni Zhenyu is fine, then I’ll look for the families of the missing Primus Guards. Use some tactics and see if you can find any clues.”

Wu Shutong immediately said, “Then let’s do what Uncle Jian Gong wants! Since we are sneaking in quietly, we must wait until night, as the dead soldiers’ quarters are already heavily guarded, so I am afraid it will be difficult for Uncle Jian Gong to sneak in during the day.”

“Right.” Ou Bojun nodded and said, “Of course we have to wait until night, otherwise I wouldn’t have the ability to ward off the hundreds of Primus guards.

Wu Shutong said with a smile, “That’s good, I’ll have a few drinks with Uncle Jian Gong at noon, I’ll arrange the flight in advance, I’ll personally take you to the airport at 8pm, it takes about two hours to fly from here to Larnaca International Airport in Cyprus, after landing, it’s still about forty kilometres drive from the location of the dead soldiers’ quarters, if it goes well, we can reach the quarters at 12am. arrive at the compound, in order not to alert the snake, I won’t arrange a vehicle for Uncle Jian Gong over there, after Uncle Jian Gong gets off the bus, he can take a taxi there, this is also more natural.”

“Good!” Ou Bojun nodded without a second thought and said, “The early morning time is just right, it’s settled!”