Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5438

  Wu Shutong ordered all the other miscellaneous people to go out, and after the door was closed, he poured a glass of wine for Ou Bojun with his own hands and said with a smile, “Uncle Jian Gong, this is the first time I have met you, so I would like to toast you, and I ask for your kindness!”

Ou Bojun could see that although Wu Shutong’s cultivation level was only at the Realm of Transformation, he did not dare to take him lightly, so he hastily lifted his glass and said with a smile, “You are very kind, Governor Wu.

The two of them lightly clinked their glasses and both tilted their heads to drink it all.

Putting down the wine glass, Wu Shutong’s expression turned sad and he sighed, “Uncle Jian Gong, I’m not going to hide it from you, I know what you’ve come to the right army governor’s residence for, the last time I carried out a secret order from Lord Ying, there was a big mistake in my hands, I’ve been feeling guilty and I know it’s hard to clear my name! ”

Ou Bojun did not expect that Wu Shutong would suddenly cut to the chase so quickly, so he also put down his glass and said seriously, “Governor Wu, I would like to know how the secret order from Lord Ying was passed down to you after it was given to you?”

Wu Shutong said frankly, “The order was given directly to my subordinates, and based on the principle that the fewer people knew about it, the lower the possibility of exposure and the overall risk of leakage, I did not tell the people in charge of the intermediate links about it, but gave the secret order directly to the sectional governor Ni Zhenyu, who was in charge of the dead soldiers’ quarters, and asked him to select the most elite members from the Primus Guards to go to Northern Europe. .”

Ou Bojun asked, “Then do these people who have access to the secret order know Lin Wan’er’s identity?”

“No idea.” Wu Shutong blurted out without thinking, “I’m not going to hide it from you, Uncle Jian Gong, I’m the only one in the entire Right Army Governor’s Office who knows Lin Wan’er’s identity. girl is the main one of Ying, and there is a heavy reward for catching her.”

Ou Bojun nodded, he had guessed that this would be the case, this was the way Lord Ying acted, Lord Ying preferred that those who went to capture Lin Wan’er did not know exactly what identity or what was special about her, so that any risk factor in the middle could be avoided as much as possible.

Thinking of this, he asked Wu Shutong, “Governor Wu, did you later ask that Ni Zhenyu about this matter? He sent the men, so if there is a traitor in this matter, then the traitor must be him or his men, and it might even be him and his men!”

Wu Shutong said, “Back to Uncle Jian Gong, I have reported the whole matter to Lord Ying, and both he and I feel that there should be no traitor within us, because Ni Zhenyu and his men have no idea who the person they are going to catch is. There were no masters sitting around, and a few primus guards would have been enough to capture and bring her back;”

“Therefore, the logic of the whole thing is a bit strange, the only people who know that they are going to capture Lin Wan’er are Lord Ying and my subordinates, who are loyal to Lord Ying, so it is impossible for them to leak to the public. ”

Speaking of this, Wu Shutong added, “Before you arrived in Naples, Lord Ying explained to his subordinates that his old man hoped that you could find out in which part of the process we had been caught by the other side, could it be that the other side had already lurked into the Deadman’s quarters, or had already secretly monitored the Deadman’s quarters, but we were unaware of it?”