Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5436

  At this point, he was in two minds at Naples airport, not knowing where to go or who to call.

He waited for his mobile phone to ring, but until the moment he walked out of the airport, he still hadn’t received any message.

At that moment, a middle-aged man stepped in front of him and said respectfully, “You have had a hard journey, please follow me, Uncle Jian Gong.”

Ou Bojun looked at the man and asked, “Who is your surname and name and what is your status in the Right Army Governor’s Office?”

The man hurriedly said, “Back to Uncle Jian Gong, I am Yuan Cheng Ze, the General of the Right Army Governor’s Office!”

Ou Bojun nodded slightly and said, “Then please ask General Yuan to lead the way.”

As he said this, he sighed in his heart, “What do you mean by a gap? This is a fucking gap. As one of the four earls, I came to this place and didn’t know where to go or who to look for, but this man in front of me knows everything about my whereabouts.

Yuan Chengze took Ou Bojun and got into a Maybach sedan with local plates. Yuan Chengze drove the car himself and drove Ou Bojun to downtown Naples.

As he drove, Yuan Chengze asked Ou Bojun, “Have you ever been to Naples, Uncle Jian Gong?”

“No.” Yuan Chengze shook his head, “This is the first time I’ve been here.”

Yuan Chengze smiled, “Since it is the first time, then my subordinate will show you a good tour of Naples later on.”

Ou Bojun said indifferently, “I have important matters to attend to, so I won’t stroll around, I wonder where Governor Wu Shutong is? I would like to meet with him as soon as possible.”

Yuan Chengze said, “The Governor has already booked a banquet at the best Chinese restaurant in Naples, waiting to give you a reception for Uncle Jian Gong!”

Half an hour later.

The Maybach Yuan Chengze was driving stopped in front of a Chinese restaurant called Banyan Tree Records.

The restaurant, which opened at the bottom of a forty-storey high-rise building, entered from the ground floor and its interior had three floors.

He personally opened the car door for Ou Bojun and led him quickly into the restaurant.

The two took the internal lift to the third floor and as soon as they stepped outside, a number of courtly dressed waitresses saluted the two respectfully and shouted out the Chinese words of respectfully welcoming Uncle Jian Gong.

Ou Bojun did not expect these people to know his identity. While shocked, he suddenly discovered that these female attendants, without exception, were all martial artists, and the worst of them had three stars of strength, and the strongest had reached six stars.

It seemed that this place had reached the inner area of the Right Army Governor’s Palace.

Yuan Chengze was leading the way, saying as he walked, “This is Uncle Jian Gong’s first visit to the Right Army Governor’s Mansion, let me give you a general introduction, this restaurant is the property of the Right Army Governor’s Mansion, the first to first floors are normally open to the public, the third floor is said to be a membership system, but in fact it is not open to the public, those who come here are all internal staff of our Right Army Governor’s Mansion, and in this shop, you don’t have to worry about any risk of revealing your identity, because the staff here are, without exception, all children of dead soldiers and primus guards as well as members of other departments.”

Surprised, Ou Bojun asked, “Is this the right army governor’s residence?”

“Yes, and not all of them.” Yuan Chengze smiled faintly, “In fact, the whole of this forty-storey building is our property, and although more than half of this area has been rented out to local businesses, all of this southern portion, which is directly up and down from this restaurant, has not been rented out to the public, and the top three floors are ostensibly rented out to a shipping company, but in fact that company is also ours. And this part is connected to the restaurant by a secret lift, and it is actually the topmost floor here that is the residence of the right army governor’s residence.”

Ou Bojun staggered as he listened.

While he was amazed at the scale of this Right Army Governor’s Residence, he also felt that his speculation on the plane had been confirmed. This Yuan Chengze had told himself in detail about the Right Army Governor’s Residence as soon as they met, so he thought that the British Lord must have authorized it. It seemed that the British Lord would inevitably have to gradually liberalise the many restrictions on himself and the other three Earls in the future ……