Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5431

When he saw the three close defence cannons being moved out of the container by the soldiers of Wan Long Temple, Lang Hongjun was staggered by what he saw. He had also heard Wan Bu Jun talking about it, asking him to come and help tinker with the close defence cannons.

This was the first time Lang Hongjun had ever seen a close defence gun up close. He had previously thought it was just a large machine gun, but when it was laid out in front of him, he realised that it was so large, especially the six arm-thick barrels, which were so thick and long that they were imposing.

The whole close defence gun looked like the turret part of a tank, the muzzle could move up and down and the turret base could turn around left and right, so the fire coverage was huge.

As Lang Hongjun watched the soldiers of the Wanlong Hall keep assembling it, he couldn’t help but say to Wan Breaking Jun at the side, “Wan Hall Master, can you just buy any weapon that is so fierce first?”

Wan Broken Jun nodded and said casually, “In Eastern Europe, it’s basically just a casual purchase.”

Lang Hongjun was surprised and asked, “Isn’t there anyone to control it?”

Wan Bajun shook his head and said with a smile, “No one regulates such things here, and no one regulates private transactions either, the weapons and equipment used by various armed forces in Africa are basically bought from here.”

Lang Hongjun said, “I can understand buying an ak47, isn’t it a bit arrogant to buy a close defense gun ……”

Wan Breaking Jun pointed to one of the close defense guns and smiled, “This thing is also an ak, only the caliber is a bit bigger, thirty millimeters.”

Saying that, Wan Bajun smacked his lips and said to Lang Hongjun, “Brother Lang, I have a question for consultation.”

Lang Hongjun was busy saying, “Go ahead.”

The roof of the glass house can be opened, but the installation requirements are very high, to ensure the accuracy of the shot and not to appear palm, when used in the road base, it must be firmly fixed It is not difficult to fix it on a reinforced concrete base, but Mr Ye wants me to be able to remove these three close defence guns quickly after use, and the quicker the better. I’m afraid it will take quite a long time to dismantle it manually, but once this thing really fires, I won’t have much time to evacuate it, do you have any way that I can take it down in less than a minute and just lift it away by helicopter?”

Lang Hongjun held his chin, circled around the close defence gun and spoke, “The requirement for this thing to be used is that it is secured with heavy bolts underneath to ensure it doesn’t wobble when firing, right?”

Wan Bajun nodded, “Right!”

Lang Hongjun thought for a moment and said, “If you guys can even buy this, then it shouldn’t be too much of a problem to buy a few explosive bolts, right?”

“Explosive bolts?” Wan Bajun asked curiously, “What’s that for?”

Lang Hongjun said: “Aerospace, multi-stage rockets know it, three-stage rockets are, to put it bluntly, three rockets connected, when launched is the first rocket first ignition, to a certain altitude, the first rocket fuel consumption is almost, to quickly achieve with the second rocket detachment, and then the second rocket quickly ignition and then fly, but the rocket this connection of strong needs also However, the robustness of this connection is also very high, and its fast disengagement needs to be completed in an instant, so the aerospace scientists invented a kind of explosive bolt, which is, to put it bluntly, a heavy bolt with a built-in blasting device and ignition device, so that when needed, as soon as electricity is applied, the whole bolt can be blown up and then disengaged instantly.”

Wan Breaking Jun recalled the image of the rocket launch and instantly came to his senses and said offhandedly, “I see, that thing is really fast and usually blows up in an instant as soon as said booster detaches.”

“Right!” Lang Hongjun nodded and said, “This thing is very precise, it ensures that it only blows itself up and doesn’t damage the equipment that relies on it being attached, it’s not just used on rockets, the fighter pilot’s escape seat is also attached by it, and it instantly disengages the hard connection.”

If you want to be quicker, you can make the lanyard in advance, and when it’s time to blast the connection, the helicopter can just hang the lanyard and take it away.”