Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5429

Eastern Europe at this very moment.

Three container trucks are speeding along the highway in the Turkish port city of Antalya.

The three truckloads of containers carry three dismantled Soviet-made, ak-360 close-in defence guns, along with their accompanying ammunition.

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Turkey, Ukraine and Georgia have gradually become the leaders of the black market for arms throughout Eastern Europe.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the dramatic changes in Eastern Europe, almost all the countries around the Mediterranean became black markets for arms, and these three countries in particular.

Hundreds of millions of Soviet-made weapons and equipment are sold all over the world from these countries, and the magic of this place goes beyond the sheer volume of trade.

Even the raw materials for nuclear weapons can be saved in these places if you have enough money, not to mention Soviet-made close-in guns.

Turkey has a world-renowned nuclear black market, where most of the fuel rods from dismantled Soviet nuclear submarine reactors find their way onto the black market.

If you had enough money to buy a dozen kilos of enriched uranium from here, it wouldn’t be hard to go home and save up a big bomb for yourself.

So, three close-in defence guns are only an insignificant and ordinary deal in a place like this.

Several Eastern European arms dealers escorted the three container trucks to the port of Antalya, where a container freighter was about to be filled to capacity.

Immediately after driving into the port, the three trucks were placed in the berth of this container ship.

The three Americans had been waiting at the berth for some time, and when they saw the three vehicles coming down, they immediately went up to meet the person in charge of the trucks.

The area had been cleared in advance, so that the arms deal had begun in broad daylight.

Neither side said a word, and the man in charge opened the containers of the three vehicles and allowed the three Americans to go up and inspect them one by one.

One of them waved his hand at the freighter, which immediately lowered a six-hundred-kilogram iron box through a small loader.

The person in charge of the escort immediately went forward, opened the iron box and found that it was full of gold bars, so he gave a wink to the people around him, and several people immediately came over with their equipment, took out the gold bars one by one, tested them, weighed them, and then put them into several packages they carried.

The iron case contained five hundred kilograms of gold, all of which had been re-melted before departure and made in a pure flat mould, without even a single steel mark around it, and naturally no clues could be found.

After confirming that there was nothing missing from the five hundred kilograms of gold, the person in charge of the escort came to the three Americans with a smile and said, “There is no problem with the five hundred kilograms, the price of gold has gone up by two points compared to when we negotiated the price, I am not refunding this difference.”

One of the Americans said, “No, you don’t have to refund the difference when the price of gold goes up, but when it goes down, we’ll make up the difference.”

The man laughed and said, “To be honest, I like doing business with you Blackwater people, it’s simple, efficient and painful.”

One of the Americans said in a cold voice, “Remember, if you tell anyone the name of Blackwater, we won’t let you off the hook.”

“No problem!” The man laughed, then added with a smile, “I still have quite a few NATO weapons from Western Europe here, so if you are interested, I can quote you a price.”

The American frowned and asked, “Since when have you been dumping NATO weapons?”

“Ha ha!” The man laughed, “Go to the Ukraine sometime, the weapons from NATO are piling up, more than half of the weapons from NATO member countries are going to the black market, just say what you want, there’s nothing I can’t get!”