Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5427

Ye Chen’s words immediately caused Hong Changqing, who had originally felt somewhat condescending, to jaw drop in shock!

Originally, when Ye Chen said that the Tai Zhen Dao’s “Tai Zhen Mixed Dao” was not the complete text, he was still very indignant in his heart. After all, for thousands of years, the successive generations of Tai Zhen Dao’s sect leaders had been proud of the fact that their sect could possess a complete set of martial arts heart methods and were inappropriate, and even held themselves in high esteem because of it.

However, after listening to the analogy Ye Chen had made, he suddenly realised that Ye Chen was probably not just talking out of his ass! It was likely that the Tai Chen Dao’s Tai Chen Mixed Dao was, as Ye Chen had said, only a small part of the real Tai Chen Mixed Dao.

Thinking of this, he asked in astonishment, “Master Ye, the reason why you said that must be because you have a fuller version of the Heart of the Tai Zhen Mixed Dao in your hands, right?”

Ye Chen laughed lightly and said playfully, “How can you be so sure that I have a more complete version?”

Hong Changqing subconsciously blurted out, “Grandmaster Ye, you just said that the real Tai Zhen Mixed Yuan Dao is like the Principles of Power Generation in Thermal Power Plants, while the one in Tai Zhen Dao’s hands only teaches one how to dig coal, so that proves that you have at least read this copy of the Principles of Power Generation in Thermal Power Plants, right… …”

Ye Chen didn’t hide, nodding and smiling, “You guessed right, I have indeed read the original full version of the Tai Zhen Mixed Yuan Dao, and I can tell you clearly that the entire Tai Zhen Mixed Yuan Dao has a total of three volumes and twenty-seven chapters, and this copy that your Tai Zhen Dao master ancestor got is just the first chapter of the opening chapter.”

“What?!” Hong Changqing’s eyes were about to fall out of those deep sunken sockets as he stammered and asked, “Ye …… Master Ye …… you …… your words Are you serious?!”

Ye Chen asked rhetorically, “I’ve teased you too, what do you think the point of me lying to you now?”

Hong Changqing swallowed his saliva and said offhandedly, “Have we …… our Tai Zhen Dao …… for thousands of years and dozens of generations been practicing the first chapter of the Tai Zhen Mixed Dao?!”

Ye Chen nodded his head very firmly and said, “Yes! That’s right! That’s exactly what happened!”

Hong Changqing sat on the spot as if he had lost his mother, and his expression became incomparably despondent and despondent, his eyes lost in focus and bewildered, “A person starts studying from kindergarten and reads all the way to the graduation of a doctor, it is only a mere twenty years, you said that there are three volumes and twenty-seven chapters of the “Tai Zhen Mixed Yuan Dao”, then we, Tai Zhen Dao, are equivalent to reading kindergarten class K1 for so many years ……”

Kindergarten k1 in the United States is basically equal to a small kindergarten class at home.

Ye Chen was amused by Hong Changqing’s analogy, but yet he also felt that his analogy made sense, so he praised it, “Your conversion is indeed very reasonable, strictly speaking, your Tai Zhen Dao has been studying kindergarten k1 textbooks over and over again for dozens of generations over the past thousand years, which is basically equivalent to the stage of learning the 26 English alphabets.”

Hong Changqing cried and said, “Master Ye …… subordinate is not questioning you …… just that if it is really as you say, after we have learned the first chapter of the twenty-seven chapters, we already have master ancestors who are able to enter the Dark Realm, which is the martial artist’s second major realm, but there are only a total of four major realms for martial artists, could it be that the remaining three major realms require the remaining twenty-six chapters of content to be able to break through all of them?!”