Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5426

  Since Ye Chen had mastered the aura, he had not been able to properly sort out the various martial dao heart techniques recorded in the Nine Mystical Heavenly Scriptures, and now he relied on his memory of the Nine Mystical Heavenly Scriptures and pondered over it for a long time before realising that this Tai Zhen Mixed Dao was actually the truly perfect martial dao heart technique.

This martial arts heart method, starting from how to exhale and transform true qi, teaches one to improve one’s strength step by step, and then continue to make breakthroughs, eventually reaching the Zong Shi realm.

Once one reaches the grand completion of the Sovereign Master realm, one is able to enter the final stage of the Martial Dao.

Once a martial artist has completed the final leg of the martial path, it will be greeted by the very beginning of the aura.

It is only at that point that he will be able to begin to master the aura.

If the Ancestor of the Tai Chen Dao had received the complete copy of the Tai Chen Mixed Dao, then the Tai Chen Dao would have been able to produce at least a few masters of the Dark Realm, the Transformation Realm, or even the Sovereign Realm, even if he could not produce a top master proficient in Aura.

But what was ruined was that what he had obtained was only the first chapter of the introduction to the Tai Chen Mixed Element Dao.

Ye Chen couldn’t help but think: “If I had given the second chapter of the Taizen Mixed Yuan Dao to Hong Changqing, I think his cultivation would have been able to advance by leaps and bounds, and he would have been able to enter the Dark Realm on his own strength in no time. ”

However, this also strengthened Ye Chen’s mind to take Hong Changqing under his wing.

This was because Hong Changqing had practiced the first chapter of the “Tai Zhen Mixed Yuan Dao” for so many years and was already well versed in this heart method, so if he were to give this heart method to other people, he would definitely be able to conclude a method that would allow people to master the “Tai Zhen Mixed Yuan Dao” the fastest through his own experience of so many years.

If it were not for him, and he had just handed over the Heart Method of the Tai Zhen Mixed Yuan Dao to the martial artists of the He Family as well as the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, then I am afraid that they would have needed at least a few years to become familiar with this Heart Method a little bit before they could build something.

In contrast, Hong Changqing would have saved a lot of time by taking over the lead.

As long as Hong Changqing was able to work for himself, Ye Chen would not treat him badly. By then, he would not only be able to obtain the subsequent Tai Zhen Mixed Dao, but would also be able to train a large number of martial arts experts for himself who were proficient in the Tai Zhen Mixed Dao.

However, Ye Chen did not tell Hong Changqing these words, he just threw back the pieces of paper that Hong Changqing had written by hand and casually asked him, “In the middle of nowhere, where did you get the paper and pen?”

Hong Changqing hurriedly said, “Back to Master Ye, it was the little brother on the roadside who helped me call for an errand from the internet ……”

Ye Chen hummed and laughed, and his expression gradually became serious as he spoke, “This Tai Zhen Mixed Yuan Dao of yours is not complete at all, it is just an opening chapter.”

“How could that be ……” Hong Changqing subconsciously said, “In Tai Zhen Dao, there are also some collected martial arts mind techniques, but all of them are invariably fragments, only this Tai Zhen Mixed Yuan Dao is a complete mind technique with a beginning and an end! ”

Ye Chen laughed contemptuously and asked him rhetorically, “What is the essence of the ‘Taizen Mixed Yuan Dao’?”

Hong Changqing blurted out, “Naturally, it’s a martial arts heart technique!”

Ye Chen bristled and said disdainfully, “Let me tell you, the essence of The Tao of Tai Chen Mixed Elements is mixed elements, do you know what mixed elements are?”

Hong Changqing frowned and thought for half a day before saying, “It seems to be a rather general term in Taoism, there is nothing particularly clear about its meaning ……”

Ye Chen shook his head and said indifferently, “Mixed Yuan is the chaotic qi from the time when heaven and earth were undivided, this is also the beginning of Yuan Qi! Its ultimate goal is to allow one to enter the dao with martial arts and ultimately master the power of that mixed element.”

After saying that, he pointed at the paper in Hong Changqing’s hand and teased, “What you have written throughout is how to exhale and how to break through the meridians, not even half a word is related to mixed energy, this is like having a book in your hand, the title is ‘Principles of Power Generation in Thermal Power Plants’, but all you have is what teaches you how to dig coal, do you think this, it can be the whole thing? “