Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5421

The taxi driver’s concern and question made Hong Changqing’s heart even more aggrieved.

In the Chinese community in North America, he was really a well-known figure, and there were many people who had to pay homage to him when they saw him, and there were many dignitaries and nobles among them.

But he had never dreamed that he would be bullied by Ye Chen to the point of tears of aggression after coming to Jinling.

What hurt him most was not the aggression he had just suffered, but the fact that even after he had suffered so much aggression, he had to take a taxi with tears in his eyes to go to Ye Chen to atone for his sin.

This was the consequence and downfall that one had to bear after offending the wrong person.

In his heart, Hong Changqing also understood that the main reason why Ye Chen wanted to do this to himself was that his own little thoughts had made him angry.

When he thought back on it, the pill that Ye Chen had given himself was worth a lot of money, and could even be said to be priceless. The reason why he had given himself this pill was also very obvious, that he wanted to make himself serve him wholeheartedly.

However, he had promised himself well on the surface, but he still had many petty thoughts in his heart, and he was even obsessed with the idea of saying goodbye to Ye Chen on this and returning to America to continue being his own Hong Tian Shi.

Thinking of this, Hong Changqing couldn’t help but curse himself in his heart: “Hong Changqing, Hong Changqing, you really have a weak heart and a snake that swallows an elephant, that Ye Chen is so strong, how could he have eaten your dumb loss? You’ve been superficially flattering and duplicitous to him, and it’s strange that he would let you go back to America! Where in the whole world would such a good thing happen?”

After realising how shameless and stupid he had just been, Hong Changqing regretted it in his heart.

He had thought that since he had already eaten the pills given by Ye Chen anyway, there was no way he could spit them out and return them to him, plus he was his grandmother’s old friend, with this relationship, he couldn’t keep himself imprisoned in Jinling, right?

He also said he would let him go, so he could go along with it, whether he was sincere or not.

But who would have thought that a waterfall would lie beneath the boat and a cliff would lie beneath the donkey?

So he silently made up his mind: when he arrived at the Champs-Elysées Spa Hotel later, no matter what attitude Ye Chen had towards himself, he had to be firm, from now on he would be loyal to him, let himself go to understand himself, never go west, let himself face south, he would never face north! Only then would it be possible for Ye Chen to net himself out so that he could restore his cultivation.

At this moment.

Ye Chen, who had set off first, had already arrived at the mountain entry junction of the Champs-Elysees Hot Spring.

In the middle of the road at the junction, a very prominent sign was erected, which read: The hotel is closed for renovation, temporarily closed for business, please understand if there is any inconvenience.

There were also two cars parked on the roadside with several security guards in security uniforms.

When he saw Ye Chen’s car turning from the main road, one of the security guards stepped out of the car and stopped in front of it. After the car stopped, he went to the driver’s side and said, “Excuse me, sir, our hotel is being upgraded and is no longer open for business these days.

Ye Chen casually laughed, “What, your hotel is no longer open for business, so you won’t even let me go down the road?”

The man immediately explained, “Sir, this road does not belong to the municipal road, it was built by our hotel at our expense, and the land occupied by this road was also purchased by our hotel, so after the hotel stopped operating, we also have the right to close this road.”

Saying that, he took out a document from behind the blocking sign and showed it to Ye Chen through the window, saying, “Let me show you first, this is our relevant document about the right of way of this road, this is approved and stamped by the city.”