Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5415

  Moreover, it is also mentioned in the Jiu Xuan Tian Jing that in ancient China, martial artists were as numerous as cattle and there were many sects, just like the rivers and lakes in martial arts novels.

The reason why martial arts novels are all fond of snatching high ranking gongfu is similar to the pursuit of high ranking martial arts heart techniques by martial artists back then.

Martial arts novels are full of martial arts techniques that can make one a world-beating master.

And a high-ranking martial arts heart technique can make a person achieve an extraordinary body.

If a person cultivates a heart technique and is unable to reach the Dark Realm Great Perfection realm, it may be that the person is not strong enough or talented enough.

But if dozens of generations had been practising this Heart Method for thousands of years and not a single person had reached the Dark Realm Great Perfection realm, then it was proof that this broken Heart Method was simply bullshit and was either the trash of trash or simply a remnant scroll.

When Hong Changqing saw Ye Chen questioning the heart method that had been handed down by the master for thousands of years, he instantly turned red and stammered: “Impossible …… absolutely impossible …… This is a heart method that has been handed down for thousands of years, how could it be incomplete? …… Besides, where are there any experts of the Realm of Transformation and the Realm of Patriarchs now ……”

Ye Chen said with a smile, “Since there is the Realm of Transformation and Patriarch realm, it proves that someone has definitely reached this height, why can’t people nowadays reach this height anymore? Could it be that modern people eat well, dress well and live longer?”

Hong Changqing was speechless for a while.

Ye Chen said again, “You might as well write out your Tai Chen Dao’s martial arts heart method for me to see, whether it is complete or not, I will know at a glance.”

Hong Changqing’s face shrouded in a layer of blue, depressed, said: “Master Ye, if you want my Tai Zhen Dao’s heart method, just one word from you, my subordinates immediately write it down to you, you don’t need to treat my subordinates as three-year-old children to fool …… ”

said, he explained with a sincere face: “It is not that my subordinates are not willing to tell you this heart method, mainly because I am worried that this technique has been passed on, and I will have no words to face the ancestor in the future ……”

Ye Chen grunted: “You old brat, you claim to be loyal to me, but in your heart you still miss your master, you are really hypocritical!”

Hong Changqing hurriedly waved his hands, “Master Ye is wronged, Master Ye! My subordinate really serves you with all my heart, I dare not be negligent, my subordinate’s gravity can be seen by the sun and the moon!”

Ye Chen smiled contemptuously and asked him, “Hong Changqing I ask you, now in your mind, which is greater, me or your division?”

“This ……” Hong Changqing smacked his lips, pursed his lips and scratched his head before he spoke with difficulty, “Master Ye, it’s not that I, Hong Changqing, am cheating, when I first joined Tai Chen Dao, I made two poisonous vows to my master. One was that I would never betray my master in my life, and the other was that I would not pass on the untold secrets of the Tai Chen Dao to outsiders, not even ordinary disciples of the sect, and the other was that I would find the next successor to the sect and spare no effort in nurturing him so that he would inherit the mantle of the Tai Chen Dao.