Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5411

Although the Middle East is already in turmoil, at this time in Jinling, everything is calm as usual.

After Su Shoudao and He Yingxiu’s wedding, all the guests from the Su family who had come to the wedding left one after another.

Master Su reluctantly took a flight back to Madagascar, and Su Zhi Fei was ready to return to the southwest to continue his pilgrimage.

As for Su Shoudao, since he had already decided to settle in Jinling, he was still temporarily staying at the He family villa after the wedding was completed, and at the same time, since he had regained his freedom, he also began to work with He Yingxiu to find a suitable house in Jinling.

Inside the secluded Zijinshan Villa, Lin Wan’er never left her compound, spending almost all her time every day on painting, apart from eating, sipping tea and reading books.

The wooden table she had asked Sister Xian to buy and use for painting was placed in the living room on the ground floor, and on top of it, an eight-foot ink painting had taken shape.

In the middle of the mountains, there is a high mountain lake, surrounded by thousands of mountains, which looks peaceful and serene.

With her brush in hand, Lin Wan’er meticulously paints over the painting, and her brush, which is on the slope of the mountain next to that alpine lake, is outlining a large tree with lush branches and leaves.

At that moment, the sound of a door being buttoned came from outside the door, and Old Zhang said respectfully outside the door, “Miss, Old Slave has something important to report!”

Lin Wan’er’s brows knitted slightly as she put down her brush and slowly stepped out the door.

When she opened the door, she saw Old Zhang standing outside the door with a nervous look on his face, so she asked curiously, “What has happened, how can you be so alarmed?”

Old Zhang said cautiously, “Miss, it’s better for old slave to go in and talk!”

Lin Wan’er nodded and staggered to let him into the courtyard. Old Zhang trembled and closed the door behind him before he whispered, “Miss, I have just received a tip-off that something big has happened!”

“Something big?” Lin Wan’er was surprised and asked, “What’s the big deal?”

Old Zhang explained, “I heard that the four Earls of the Qing Breaking Society have all left the mountain, this is an unheard of big move!”

“Oh?” Lin Wan’er frowned and muttered, “I guess they’re running after me and my father’s ring.”

Old Zhang nodded his head repeatedly, “I think so ……”

Lin Wan’er asked him, “Is the information accurate?”

“Accurate.” Old Zhang said, “This matter has made a lot of noise in the Broken Clear Society, and basically everyone above the middle level of the Broken Clear Society already knows about it.”

Lin Wan’er grunted and said, “I have left them a message and told them that the ring is not on me, how come they have not restrained themselves instead of intensifying their efforts, maybe they are looking for Ye Chen in addition to me and the ring ……”

“It’s possible!” Old Zhang said approvingly, “As you said, that Mr. Ye is very capable, not only does he have a way to be able to cure the poison of the primus guards, but he also took those primus guards under his command back then, this is definitely a big problem for the Broken Qing Society, they will definitely try to investigate by all means.”

Saying that, he asked Lin Wan’er, “Miss, should we find a way to inform that Mr. Ye and ask him to pay some attention?”

Lin Wan’er smiled lightly and said casually, “It’s just that, don’t mind them, the more they make such a fuss, the more it proves that they don’t have any substantial clues, the world is so big, and they have so many things to investigate, it’s unlikely that they will find Jinling for a while.”

Old Zhang said somewhat nervously, “Miss, old slave heard from old Qiu that you are preparing to go to university, isn’t this a bit unsafe?”

“There’s nothing unsafe about it.” Lin Wan’er said seriously, “Let them do nothing, a bunch of people have been thinking hard for a whole year, it is impossible to think that after I was almost caught by them, instead of finding a deep forest where people are rare to hide, I ran to Jinling to study at university, that is unexpected.”