Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5410

  Ou Bojun grunted and shook his head, “Then if that’s the case, Uncle Ding Yuan will have picked up a big leak!”

After saying that, he wasted no more time and said to Yun Ru Ge, “I’ll go first Uncle Ding Yuan, let’s keep in touch at all times!”


A few hours later, night was falling in the Middle East.

The copper mine in Cyprus had already started to quietly evacuate those dead soldiers and their families.

One by one, they were taken by speedboat to the high seas, where a freighter with a new face was waiting.

As the dead soldiers were gradually evacuated, the demolition team executing the nesting plan began to check all the blasting points throughout the copper mine.

Ever since Ye Chen had proposed the Overlord’s Nest plan, they had already laid countless blasting points here, each of which had been carefully calculated. Once the order was given, they would install the strong explosives used in mining in these blasting points, which would blow up the entire underground copper mine in a matter of moments.

As the copper mine had been heavily modified for the life of the dead, its internal space was much larger than that of an ordinary copper mine. Once the bottom of the mine was blasted, it would definitely cause the entire ground to collapse, and the depth of the collapse would be at least a dozen metres, by which time, the dead soldiers’ quarters would be completely filled in hundreds of metres deep underground, and the ground buildings would be completely destroyed due to the collapse of the ground.

If it was prudent, Ye Chen could also withdraw all the people from the copper mine silently now and blow up the place directly, giving the Broken Qing Society a hand to the bottom of the barrel.

But that would not be a big enough loss for the Broken Qing Society.

So, Ye Chen wanted to build a different kind of super mausoleum here, for a certain Earl of the Broken Qing Society.

And because of this, he needed the close-in defence guns to be able to be arranged in place in the shortest possible time.

Meanwhile, a convoy of transports was racing down the sandy Syrian road.

The convoy consisted of about forty oil tankers, in addition to a few military Land Cruisers and APCs, which roared across the border into Iraqi territory.

The oil trucks were loaded with oil stolen from Syria, which the Americans were taking to the US bases in Iraq, and more than half of the transporters were Blackwater mercenaries.

As the largest mercenary organisation in the US and the world, Blackwater’s biggest client is the US government, which loves to follow the US military around the world to make money.

By the time the convoy was delivered to Iraq, it was already late at night and the US troops who were escorting the convoy went straight to their barracks to rest, while the Blackwater men stayed in a marching tent on the outskirts of the US base.

They had a small base here, about a hundred people in size, and also quite a lot of weapons and equipment with provisions and ammunition. Although they did not set up camp inside the US base, it was almost a wall away from the US base, so they were not too cautious in terms of security.

At this moment, the man in charge of the camp was coordinating his work, and the armed men who had just completed a trip to escort the oil convoy were allowed to rest, while he needed to arrange another small team to return to Syria with the convoy as soon as it had finished unloading the oil, and to escort the oil-laden convoy back tomorrow.

To no one’s surprise, Wan Bajun had already sneaked into the camp with Chen Zhonglei and another six-star general.

After sneaking into the camp, they immediately selected three sentries who were on duty. Since no one dared to directly sneak into the US base, their sentries were very perfunctory and did not have any caution and alertness that a sentinel should have. Funky Corner

Soon, the three were knocked unconscious by Wan Bajun and the others, and were taken away from the camp without a sound.
At this point, Ye Chen’s plan to overturn the nest was in full swing!