Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5407

  Driving the car was a middle-aged Asian man who looked to be in his thirties, while on the passenger side sat a beautiful Asian woman who looked to be in her early thirties and charming.

After the car stopped, the man driving the car looked at the burnt to rubble wreckage and sighed, saying helplessly, “The British Lord’s temper is too explosive, if it wasn’t for his old man who had to blow up the scout who came to explore the site, this place wouldn’t have been burnt to this state. …”

The beautiful woman on the passenger side bristled, “You’ve served beside Lord Ying for so many years, you still don’t know his old man’s temper? By leaving those eight words, Lin Wan’er wasn’t just taunting his old man, she was also telling him that the ring was no longer on his person, and that was what Lord Ying was most angry about! What Lord Ying wanted most was that ring, and Lin Wan’er had lost it, which meant that even if he found Lin Wan’er, he might not be able to find that ring!”

“Hey ……” the man had a depressed look on his face, “The clues at the scene are gone, the ring is also unknown, I really don’t want to come out and get involved in this mess, can’t I just close down and cultivate when I have this time? I can see that Uncle Changsheng’s mastery of aura has gone up another level.

The beauty said indifferently, “I don’t want to come either, why don’t we let Chang Sheng Bo check it out himself, I don’t bother to grab any first credit ……”

After saying that, she helplessly said: “But who let Chang Sheng uncle must go to China …… British Lord recently felt that Lin Wan’er may not really be in China, perhaps in Russia’s Far East, or North America’s Arctic Circle near, so that is why you and I came to Northern Europe to trace the origin, is considered to give Chang Sheng uncle to check the gaps to fill in the gaps. ”

The man stretched his back and sighed, “It’s still Uncle Zhongyong who is smart, he said he was going to New York to investigate the failed attack on the An family last time, but in fact, he must have gone to the flowery world of New York to relax, and the two of us have to be miserable to do any investigation.”

He said, pointing to the ruins that had burned to ashes, and said dissatisfiedly, “Investigate, investigate, what the hell to investigate, it’s in this state, what else is there to investigate.”

The woman hugged her shoulders and said, “Since Lord Ying has given the word, you and I must pay some attention.”

She sighed and said, “Uncle Jian Gong, there are only two ways to find out how Lin Wan Er left Northern Europe, or how the Primus guards we sent disappeared in Northern Europe, one for each of us, I’ll be generous and let you pick first.”

The man in the driver’s seat was Jian Gong Bo, one of the four earls of the Broken Qing Society, whose real name was Ou Bojun.

Ou Bojun touched the steering wheel and smacked his lips, “Ladies first, it’s better for Uncle Ding Yuan to choose first!”

Saying that, he couldn’t help but tease, “By the way, if Uncle Ding Yuan can become a Marquis or Duke of Ding Yuan in the future, don’t forget about Ou Bo Jun!”

The woman on the passenger side was the Four Great Counts, Uncle Ding Yuan, Yun Ruge.