Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5405

  Wan Bajun couldn’t help but smack his lips and said, “Mr. Ye, what you said makes sense, something like the Close Defense Cannon, we don’t have it in our hands, and as far as I know, Commander Hamid doesn’t have such a powerful weapon of mass destruction there either, so there is no other way but to go to the arms market to buy it;”

“And this kind of thing, usually only the Russians or those arms dealers in the former Soviet Union member states in Eastern Europe sell, we have to inquire layer by layer, so it is not very realistic to steal a few units or rob a few units, and it is also not realistic to buy them and then silence them, once there is a fish that escapes the net, the whole thing will be exposed, and then we may not even have the close defense gun installed, we will already be scolded by the global arms dealers The painful scolding ……”

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what to do.

Wan Xiaojun asked, “Mr. Ye, what’s the best way?”

Ye Chen said, “You can find a few American members from Wan Long Temple, have them disguise themselves as people from the American Blackwater Company, go and look for sellers of close defense guns, once you find them, make a private deal with them in the name of Blackwater Company, say that this equipment is to be shipped to the Middle East to help the United States fight the war, it is rather sensitive, and then make a low-key deal. ”

Wan Breaking Jun said offhandedly, “Good idea! Framing Blackwater and having the Broken Clear Society go over to Blackwater to investigate, not only will it divert their attention, it will also cause Blackwater no small amount of trouble! Damn it, we at Ten Thousand Dragons Temple and Blackwater have always been at loggerheads, and with the backing of the United States, they’ve been tripping us up a lot, and they have dirty hands, so although it’s not very honorable for us to do this, it’s a perfect opportunity to weaken them!”

Ye Chen asked him, “Does the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons have gold reserves?”

“Yes.” Wan Xiaojun said without thinking, “We have almost a ton and a half of gold reserves, which should translate to around a billion dollars.”

“Good.” Ye Chen instructed, “Make sure to trade in gold, you can give them 10% more on top of the gold price, but definitely not in cash, let alone in cash remittances!”

“Okay!” Wan Bajun immediately said, “Don’t worry, Mr. Ye, my subordinate understands! At that time, all transactions will be made using gold, I will have people refine the gold in advance, when the time comes, we can definitely not find any clues if we start with the gold”

Ye Chen said, “Since you want to do a show, you must do a full set, you first find a way to investigate how many men Blackwater has in the Middle East, then find a way to quietly capture two or three of them, then hide these two or three men, you then select the men from the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons who are most similar to them in stature and age, have them disguise themselves as these men from Blackwater, take their documents and impersonate them to negotiate business in Eastern Europe, and directly give Blackwater a seat in this black pot!”

Wan Bajun said without thinking, “Mr. Ye, this is easy for you to say! Blackwater also has a lot of mercenaries in Syria, and they’ve been busy helping the US army transport the oil extracted from Syria recently, so I’ll personally go out and kidnap a few people easily!”

Ye Chen immediately said, “Good! It’s not too late, you should go and do this today! After the guns are purchased, choose two to three high points in the copper mine that are covered by each other, and on the chosen high points, build glass houses with one-way glass, and place the guns inside the glass houses to ensure that they are in a state of readiness at all times, and once the guns lock on to the enemy, fire directly through the glass!”

As he spoke, Ye Chen muttered to himself, “The shells for the close defence guns will cost a thousand dollars a round on the black market, but if three guns are ready and one gun fires a hundred rounds a second, that’s only 300,000 dollars a second. When the time comes, shoot me to death!”