Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5401

  Ye Chen took the business card with both hands and spoke, “Thank you, Uncle Feng!”

Feng Zidong waved his hand with a smile, then looked at the time and said, “Ye Chen, it’s getting late, I still have to hurry back to Yanjing, so we’ll talk here for today, if there’s any new news in the future, I’ll be sure to tell you first.”

Ye Chen bowed slightly and spoke, “Thank you Uncle Feng, if there is anything on my side, I will also be the first to exchange information with you, Uncle Feng.”

Feng Zidong nodded his head and said seriously, “When you have time to come to Yanjing, be sure to contact me.”



After finishing his conversation with Feng Zidong, Ye Chen had the helicopter parked at the hotel below the mountain re-fly to the villa courtyard and land, and watched Feng Zidong leave by the plane.

Only after the helicopter disappeared on the other side of the mountain did he sigh and, together with Su Ruoli, turned around and went back inside the villa.

Ye Chen did not say a word as he returned to the basement, Su Ruoli also silently followed him, until she returned to the basement, she opened her mouth and asked Ye Chen, “Mr. Ye, just now Uncle Feng said that the Broken Clear would send some kind of Four Counts, are they very powerful?”

Ye Chen shook his head and said truthfully, “I don’t know exactly what strength these people are, but since the Huben Battalion are all already Dark Realm experts, then these four beloved members of the Ying Lord of the Broken Qing Society must be much stronger than Dark Realm experts.”

Su Ruoli said with a shocked expression, “A Dark Realm expert is already a very rare top-level expert, and if it is much stronger than a Dark Realm expert, wouldn’t that be the Realm of Transformation or the Realm of Patriarch? Could there really be martial artists of these two realms?”

Ye Chen said seriously, “There are people outside of people, and there are heavens outside of heaven, and it is possible that these four people are stronger than the so-called Zong Shi realm martial artists.”

Ye Chen guessed that these so-called Four Counts must be experts who, like himself, had aura around them.

People who possessed spiritual qi were naturally too much stronger than martial artists.

Moreover, perhaps the strength would even be above his own.

What’s more, Ye Chen could not figure out the real intention of these Four Counts. They might be looking for Lin Wan’er and the ring that she had given him, or they might be looking for him who had ruined their good deeds twice in America and Northern Europe, or even both.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen could not help but feel a little worried in his heart.

If one of the Earls of the Broken Clear Society approached him, then he still had the certainty and confidence to be able to deal with it, but if both Earls appeared before him together, he was afraid that he himself would have no chance of winning.

Moreover, as he was sitting in Jinling, if an unscrupulous one really came to his door, he would be able to deal with it with certainty, but if one of the Earls of the Qing Breaking Society found the Wanlong Hall or the deadly base in Cyprus, neither Wan Bajun nor his master Qiu Zhiyuan would have any chance of winning.

Perhaps, they both would be beheaded by the other side straight away!

Moreover, Ye Chen knew one thing very clearly, the group of Primus Guards that had captured Lin Wan’er in the first place had been sent out from that dead soldier base in Cyprus. If the Broken Qing Society really wanted to find out their own clues, there were only two directions, one was to check backwards from the time Lin Wan’er was attacked, and the other was to check forward along the trail of Lin Wan’er’s attack.

If we go backwards, we will naturally find out where Lin Wan’er has gone and where we have gone.