Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5400

At this moment, Ye Chen subconsciously touched his trouser pocket.

The ring that Lin Wan’er had given him, he hadn’t figured out what exactly its use was until now, but he had always kept it close to him, fearing that something might slip through or be lost by himself.

The reason why Ye Chen valued this thing so much was not that it was so precious, but that he had invested too much aura in it, and if he converted the aura into labour, it was almost like he had worked hard for this thing for three years, and then was still owed not a single cent of his wages by it.

So naturally, he could not let this thing get out of his control.

Through his trouser pocket, confirming that the ring was still there, Ye Chen was slightly relieved, but he couldn’t help but think of that girl named Lin Wan’er in his heart again.

He was wondering what was so special about this ring, and that girl, that both of them could make the Ying Master of the Broken Qing Society pay so much attention.

Ye Chen could not help but regret a little, regretting that he had not carefully approached Lin Wan’er in Northern Europe to ask her about it, when he had already used his aura to give her a psychological hint that he should have taken her to a safe place first, and then given her a chance to get to the bottom of it.

Now, Lin Wan’er had gone to nowhere, and it was as difficult as heaven to unravel this doubt now.

Feng Zidong did not know that the ring that the Broken Qing Society had been racking their brains to get was currently in Ye Chen’s jeans pocket.

In his eyes, Ye Chen was the son of a deceased person and his parents were both dead, so he naturally took a bit more care of him, so he opened his mouth and said to Ye Chen, “Ye Chen, I have received news that the Broken Clear Society has made great moves recently, you have had friction with the Broken Clear Society, the Broken Clear Society will definitely try to find you out by all means, so you must keep a low profile and low profile again.”

Ye Chen asked curiously, “Uncle Feng, what big moves has the Broken Clear Society made recently?”

Feng Zidong said, “I don’t know exactly, but my father told me that the four Earls of the Qing Breaking Society have come out one after another, which is unprecedented in the history of the Qing Breaking Society, the four Earls, are the strongest existences under the British Lord, and their strength has long surpassed that of martial artists, and can take the head of the enemy in the midst of ten thousand armies, if anyone is targeted by them, I’m afraid it’s bad luck! ”

“Taking the head of an enemy general in the midst of ten thousand armies?” Ye Chen frowned and repeated in a low voice, thinking in his heart, “These four Counts, I think they should be as proficient in Aura as I am, if they are only targeting me, I still have the confidence to fight with them, but if they are targeting those around me, I am afraid I will be unable to separate myself from them ……”

So, Ye Chen asked him, “Uncle Feng, are these four earls from the Broken Clear Society out to find that girl and that ring?”

Feng Zidong said, “I think so, my father doesn’t know much, his level is still too far away from these people.”

Ye Chen nodded and spoke, “Please also ask Uncle Feng not to mention anything about me to your father, so that word doesn’t get out.”

Feng Zidong said without thinking, “Don’t worry, I will keep your matter absolutely confidential, just be more careful yourself during this period of time.”

“Good!” Ye Chen arched his hand, “Thank you Uncle Feng!”

Feng Zidong smiled faintly, “Your father is my big brother, you don’t need to be polite to me, if you need my help with anything in the future, just contact me.”

With that, he took out a business card and handed it to Ye Chen.