Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5393

  The smart Ito Nanaeko, who instantly understood the meaning of her father’s words, blushed with shame and said in a low voice with a furious look on her face as she clenched her jade hands into fists and kept tapping them on the table, “Odo-san! You are becoming more and more disrespectful!”

Ito Yohiko laughed heatedly and turned to Ye Chen, “Mr. Ye, I don’t think we’ll be leaving Jinling anytime soon, so we can get together some other time.” Fun Corner

When Ito Nanaeko saw her father getting serious, she also hurriedly adjusted her mind, stroked her hair at her temples again, and said softly to Ye Chen, “Ye Chen-kun, if you have something to do, go ahead and get busy, my father and I do plan to stay in Jinling for a few days, we’ve been busy with the wedding for the last few days, and I haven’t had a chance to make a date with sister Wanting and Miss Qin.”

Ye Chen nodded gently and smiled, “That’s good, when I’m done with the matter at hand, I’ll host a banquet for the two of you, as well as your aunt Ms. Ito and Mr. Tanaka, at the Tian Xiang House then.”

“Good!” Ito Nanaeko smiled sweetly and said without thinking, “Anyway, Jinling is Ye Chenjun’s territory, so we’ll do whatever Ye Chenjun wants here!”


After greeting, Ye Chen left the hotel with Feng Zidong, as well as Su Ruoli.

The three of them took a helicopter from the top floor of the hotel and headed straight to the Champs-Elysees Hot Spring Villa.

This hot spring hotel, together with the villa at the back of the hill, was all Ye family’s property, and it was far away from the city, with a peaceful and undisturbed environment, so Ye Chen planned to keep it as one of the bases for training Dark Realm experts in the future.

The Hot Spring Hotel has now stopped operating to the public, and as for the Mid-Levels Villas, since some of them have already been sold, Chen Zekai has now started buying them back.

In view of the Ye family’s strength and the fact that Richard Chen has made an offer that far exceeds the market price, the owners of these villas have all readily agreed to buy them back and have now signed up to move out one after another and have started to go through the change of ownership agreement.

After these property rights are bought back, this will be the highest level of security for Ye Chen in China.

The helicopter landed in the courtyard of Ye Chen’s hot spring villa, and by the time the three of them stepped into the villa, the helicopter had already re-taken off and was headed to the hot spring hotel waiting at the bottom of the hill.

Ye Chen brought Feng Zidong and Su Ruoli to the basement where Su Ruoli had previously broken through to an eight-star martial artist, and here, invited Feng Zidong to take a seat before speaking, “Uncle Feng, this place is absolutely safe, so anything you have to say, you can say whatever you want.”

Feng Zidong nodded and said without dragging his feet in the slightest, “Before the wedding started we talked about why I changed careers to be a host, so I’ll start with that topic still.”

Ye Chen nodded slightly and made a please gesture, waiting for Feng Zidong’s next words.

Feng Zidong slowly said, “The reason why I want to change my career to become a host is because I want to find out the whereabouts of my parents, as I told you before, when I was six years old, my parents put me in foster care with the He family, and then my whereabouts were unknown.”

Ye Chen asked, “So you hope that after you become a well-known presenter, they will have a chance to see you?”

“Right.” Feng Zidong’s gaze was like a torch as he spoke, “In fact, I used to think that they should have met with misfortune, which is why they never came back to me.”

Speaking of this, Feng Zidong sighed and added, “Until twenty years ago, just a few days before your father’s accident, he sent me an email, and he was the one who told me that the odds were that my parents were still alive.”

Ye Chen frowned slightly and asked him, “My dad? How did he know about your parents’ situation?”