Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5392

With Su Shoudao kissing his bride on stage, the wedding came to a close.

When they were seated for the meal, Ye Chen was at the same table with the two elders and Feng Zidong. Apart from giving tea to the two elders during the wedding ceremony, the first person to toast was Ye Chen after the toasting session began.

As they toasted, the two brought along their best man and bridesmaid in a humble and grateful manner.

Su Shoudao raised his glass to Ye Chen, bowed slightly and said with a face full of respect, “Mr Ye, you are a great benefactor to our family, a thousand words are in the wine, I toast you!”

Ye Chen smiled faintly and spoke, “Mr. Su, from today onwards, you are a free man, under the universal sky, where you want to go and what you want to do, I will no longer interfere in any way.”

Su Shoudao said gratefully, “Thank you, Mr. Ye, for your generosity, I have decided to settle in Jinling with Yingxiu!”

Ye Chen nodded and said, “Jinling is a good place, if you settle here, you will be closer to both Ruoli and Zhiyu, and Ms. He can also be closer to Old Mr. He, if you need anything in Jinling, you can always talk to the two sisters, and if you need any help, you can also look for me, or for Chen Zekai.”

Su Shoudao said with a grateful face, “Thank you Mr. Ye for your generosity!”

Ye Chen returned the smile, lifted his glass of wine and drank it down in one go.

He Yingxiu then filled the glass for Ye Chen with his own hands and said gratefully, “Mr. Ye, I am too stupid to say anything, but your kindness will always be remembered by the entire He family.

Ye Chen smiled lightly and said seriously, “Auntie He, in the future, you can trust Ruo Li with the affairs of the He family, and as for yourself, you can live a good life as a couple.”

He Yingxiu nodded gratefully, she knew that Ye Chen had always taken good care of Su Ruoli, knew that Su Ruoli had become a five-star martial artist with Ye Chen’s help, although she did not know that Ruoli had become an eight-star martial artist, but in her opinion, even a five-star martial artist was already the most powerful existence in the He family, so the future He family must rely on Ruoli to carry forward.

By 1:30 pm, the wedding banquet had come to an end, Chen Zekai walked over to Ye Chen and whispered in his ear, “Young master, the helicopter is ready, it can leave anytime.”

“Good.” Ye Chen nodded and asked Feng Zidong, who was at the side, “Uncle Feng, if it’s convenient for you, let’s set off in ten minutes?”

Without thinking, Feng Zidong said, “Good! I’ll say goodbye to my righteous father and Sister Yingxiu.”

Saying this, he got up and said goodbye to the bride and groom, as well as the He family who were very close to him.

Ye Chen said to Su Ruoli, “Ruoli, why don’t you also come with me later.”

Su Ruoli knew that Ye Chen was going to talk to Feng Zidong about something very sensitive and even highly confidential, but she did not expect Ye Chen to let herself come along.

So, she heavily nodded her head and respectfully said, “Yes Mr. Ye, Ruo Li follows orders.”

With his glass of wine in hand, Ye Chen came to Ito Yuuhiko and Ito Nana-chan and spoke, “Mr. Ito, Nana-chan, I have some important matters that I need to leave first later, so you should not leave China for the time being, right?”

Ito Yohiko, who was in a happy mood after having a few glasses of wine, said with a smile, “I am listening to Nana-chan, I will stay in China for as long as she says.”

After that, he turned his words around and teased, “If Nana-chan thinks I’m too much of an old man and asks me to go back first, that’s fine with me, I’m ready to pack up and go.”

Ito Nanaeko shamefully snapped, “Odo-san …… what are you talking about …… who would mind you being in the way …… ”

Ito Yohiko sighed and said seriously, “I was afraid I wouldn’t be in the way! You say how nice it would be if I were in the way ……”