Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5390

At this moment, He Yingxiu, dressed in a white wedding dress, combined with her figure and temperament that far exceeded those of her peers, instantly stunned the whole audience.

Although Su Shoudao had accompanied her to choose the wedding dress for her to try on, seeing He Yingxiu in her wedding dress on the wedding stage now, Su Shoudao still felt his eyes lit up.

Then, guided by the MC, he stepped in front of He Yingxiu and Elder He, took He Yingxiu from Elder He’s hand, and then led her to the stage.

At that moment, the MC spoke, “Next, we are going to invite a special guest, who is the witness specially invited by the couple today, both couples had told me that they said that the two of them could come together thanks to the help of this witness, so we will now invite the witness, Mr. Ye Chen Ye, to make a speech on stage!”

The guests on stage applauded, while Ye Chen, who had changed into a suit, also slowly stood up and walked towards the stage.

Before he went on stage, the Buckingham Palace staff handed Ye Chen a microphone, which he accepted before striding onto the stage and arriving at the couple’s side.

Holding the microphone, Ye Chen paused slightly for a moment and then spoke, “I am honoured and terrified to be invited by the two elders to such a meaningful wedding venue to be their witness, I have not prepared any long speeches this time, I just want to say something from my heart to the two elders and all the guests.”

Saying that, Ye Chen paused for two seconds and continued, “My parents left very early, but unfortunately, they gave me a perfect family atmosphere when I was young, they loved each other and were able to tolerate, understand and support each other in life;”

“And with their practical actions, they taught me the truth that if you meet the right people and find the right direction in life, you will be able to overcome all the obstacles along the way;”

“This kind of thorny path is not about ability or wealth, nor is it about strong enemies or danger, this kind of thorny path is about all the negative and meticulous aspects of life;”

“My memory is that even when they ended up with nothing but a small, shabby, ramshackle house to rent with me, they loved each other and loved life;”

“My mother, who would do her best to clean up every corner of the house every day, who would make every ingredient on the table with the utmost care, and who always had a warmth and a smile on her face.”

“My father, on the other hand, would work as hard as he could to find a way to support his family in the city, and even when he came back covered in dust and sweat stains, still kept his enthusiasm and smile the same as my mother;”

“He worked very hard during that time, but never complained about the discomforts and hardships of life, because in his eyes there was no hardship in life as long as his wife and son were by his side;”

“Also, they never neglected my education because of the hardships of life;”

“As far as I can remember, the last time my father taught me how to read was from the Song Dynasty literary scholar Fan Zhongyan’s ‘The Records of Yueyang Tower’, and when he got to the passage about ‘not being happy with things and not being sad with oneself’, he put down the book and told me that in this life, one should not expect to live this life with much wealth, nor should one expect As long as one has been doing what one wants to do and doing the right thing, even if one looks like one is doing nothing to outsiders, one’s life is still not in vain;”

“My father’s education has always deeply influenced my outlook on life and values, and has also enabled me to truly not be happy with things and not to feel sorry for myself, so that even when I am sleeping on the roof of a thirty-storey construction site and looking up at the stars, I still remain enthusiastic and smiling about life;”