Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5385

By the time Ye Chen arrived at the hotel, Su Shoudao and He Yingxiu had already finished paying their respects to heaven and earth.

The couple took a short rest in their room, while most of the others moved to the Sky Garden to begin preparations for the upcoming wedding.

Ye Chen was not a fan of crowds, so he came straight to the Sky Garden, while Ito Nanaeko, as well as the two sisters Su Zhiyu and Su Ruoli, happened to be here as well.

As there were not too many guests and outsiders were not allowed to enter the Sky Garden, the atmosphere was not too boisterous and warm.

The wedding ceremony was a solemn but warm atmosphere, thanks to the joint efforts of Su Ruoli and Ito Nana-chan, and the flower arrangements prepared by Nana-chan herself added a touch of elegance and class.

Today’s Ito Nanaeko, who had even put on a ceremonial grand kimono, saw Ye Chen coming and trotted up to him with broken steps, saying joyfully, “Ye Chen-kun, you’re here!”

Ye Chen nodded and smiled, looking at the flowers that covered the entire banquet hall, he couldn’t help but ask her with a little bit of heartache, “Did you prepare all these flowers? It must have taken a long time, right?”

Ito Nanaeko smiled and said, “I arranged them, but there were still quite a few maids who helped me with the sorting and correction of the flower branches, otherwise I would not have been able to do it all by myself.”

At this time, both Su Zhiyu and Su Ruoli came to Ye Chen. Su Zhiyu saw Ye Chen chatting intimately with Ito Nanaezi, and could also see that Ye Chen was not looking at Ito Nanaezi in the same way as he was looking at other women, so she couldn’t help but feel a bit tasty in her heart.

She was different from Su Ruoli, who grew up as an illegitimate daughter and came to the Su family as Su Shoudao’s bodyguard when she became an adult, so she didn’t have any arrogance in her bones that all girls from big families had in their bones.

Although Su Zhiyu was not usually indulgent or arrogant, she had been held in the hands of the Su family since she was a child, so although her pride was not obvious, it was all over her body. She was the eldest daughter of the Ito family, and she was no worse off than her, and the Su family was even stronger than the Ito family.

But Su Ruoli was different. Even though she was now an eight-star martial artist, and she was the strongest except for Ye Chen at the wedding, she did not have any arrogance, but on the contrary, the more she felt that Ye Chen had treated her too well, and that she had too many favours to repay.

When she arrived in front of Ye Chen, Su Zhiyu called out respectfully, “Hello, Mr. Ye.”

Su Ruoli, who was at the side, also said softly, “Hello, Mr. Ye!”

When Ye Chen nodded, Su Ruoli asked him in a whisper, “Mr. Ye, aren’t you going to be the witness today? Why aren’t you wearing a suit?”

Ye Chen looked at himself in a casual outfit and said with a smile, “When I went out, I didn’t want to make my in-laws suspicious, so I didn’t wear a suit, but I brought it with me, so I’ll go and change into it before the ceremony starts.”

At this time, Song Wanting, who was wearing a dress, also hurriedly arrived, and when she saw that Ye Chen had already arrived, she quickly stepped forward and said respectfully, “Master Ye, you have arrived.”

Ye Chen nodded slightly and said with a smile, “Wanting, I heard that you have worked hard for this wedding, thank you for your hard work!”

Song Wanting hurriedly said, “You are too kind, Master Ye, I should have done all this.”

Ye Chen asked her, “How is the old man doing lately?”

“Quite well.” Song Wanting replied, “Grandpa has been talking about you recently, saying that he wants to invite you to a small gathering at home, but he is afraid of delaying your business.”