Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5383

No one understood why the old man, who had always been tough, was bawling like a child, crying while taking turns to wipe the tears that rolled down his face with both sleeves.

Su Ruoli quickly ran to him and asked him nervously, “Grandpa, today is such a good day, why are you crying ……”

The old man realized that he had lost his temper somewhat and hastily covered his face trying to control his emotions, but the more he did so, the more he couldn’t control them, tears flowed through his fingers and through the pale folds of his hands, while his body, too, trembled uncontrollably from crying, which was heartbreaking.

At this moment, He Yingxiu was the only one who read her father’s heart.

She knew that her father must have been sad that her mother had not been able to see this scene with her own eyes.

Sometimes, people who are still alive would feel that after waiting for years for the best outcome, they would go to the grave to share it with their deceased relatives, who would be very relieved to know that they are still alive.

When they think of this, they will also feel much more relieved.

However, some people are not so open-minded in the way they look at things.

They may feel that this is the outcome that their loved ones were looking forward to, but why they did not live to see it, and then they get stuck in it.

The latter is clearly the case with Master He.

In fact, He Yingxiu was also the latter.

People of the martial path believe in strength and pursue to change their fate against the heavens.

And in order to change one’s fate against the heavens, the most important thing is to live!

Therefore, they do not believe that there is another world after a person dies.

They know that a person’s death is like a lamp going out.

When one dies, one is dead.

If their loved ones died with regrets, then it would be the greatest regret of the living for the rest of their lives.

So, He Yingxiu didn’t try to persuade her father, knowing that if she didn’t let him cry his eyes out, it would be hard for him to walk away.

After crying for a while and releasing his heart’s clogged depression into tears, he felt a little more relieved.

Knowing that today was a happy day, he hurriedly wiped away his tears and said with a smile, “Sorry for making everyone look funny, isn’t it time to give tea to me, an old man?”

Su Shoudao also wanted to hurry up and let the old man turn over a new leaf, so he hurriedly asked the people around him, “Where’s the tea? Why hasn’t it been brought over yet? I have to give tea to my father-in-law!”

“Here it is!” A young man hurriedly brought two cups of tea to the front.

Su Shoudao pulled He Yingxiu, and the two of them knelt down in front of the old man, left and right.

Su Shoudao then picked up a cup of tea from the two cups, handed it to Elder He with both hands respectfully, and said in a loud voice, “Dad! You please drink the tea!”

Master He smiled and nodded, receiving the tea handed over by Su Shoudao into his hands, holding the tea in one hand and opening the lidded bowl with the other, directly drinking the tea in the cup cleanly.

Afterwards, Elder He set the cup of tea aside and took the cup of tea handed to him by his daughter, and after he had also drunk it in one go, he looked at Su Shoudao and said seriously, “Shoudao, I have only one request for you when you marry Yingxiu.”

Su Shoudao said with a respectful face, “Please speak, Dad!”