Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5382

  Seeing that his father was still frozen there, Su Zhi Fei turned around and found the red shoe from behind the door, carefully picked it up and quietly handed it to his father.

Su Shoudao was slightly stunned, and only when he saw the red shoe did he come back to his senses.

When he saw that it was his son, Su Zhi Fei, who was handing him the shoe, he could not hold back his emotions and his tears came out instantly.

Su Zhi Fei did not expect his father to suddenly burst into tears, so he hastily swept him up, bending his legs slightly and using his shoulder to help him absorb the tears.

Su Shoudao did not expect such a thoughtful gesture from his son, and when he thought that Su Zhiyu was still waiting at the hotel to attend his wedding, he had a feeling that even death would be enough.

It was only at this moment that he realised that he had lived for fifty years and only today did he truly understand.

There is nothing that can compare to the happiness and harmony of a family.

Although he and Du Haiqing might not see each other in the future, the fact that he had gained true love and the support of his three children was more than enough for him.

Su Zhi Fei gave his father a gentle pat on his back. Su Shoudao controlled his tears and looked up again, then he saw his son pointing to the flowers in his hand.

He came back to his senses and hurriedly knelt down on one knee, held the flowers in front of He Yingxiu with both hands and said loudly, “Marry me, wife!”

At this moment, the Su family members who were travelling with him, as well as the He family members around him, were deeply moved and all echoed loudly, constantly shouting to marry him.

He Yingxiu could not hold back her tears, so she smiled while shedding tears and nodded her head, saying equally loudly, “Yes!”

Afterwards, she reached out and picked up the bouquet of flowers.

Although it was just a formality, Su Shoudao was still grinning happily.

Su Ruoli, who was at the side, hurriedly reminded, “Dad, quickly put on mum’s shoes, there’s still tea to be served to grandpa!”

Su Shoudao nodded hastily, lifted the red quilt and put the red shoes on He Yingxiu’s feet.

There were cheers and shouts of approval, and the young descendants of the He family even took out hand-pulled firecrackers and pulled them off one after another.

Immediately, the couple arrived at the villa’s living room, where Master He was by now sitting upright on the sofa, waiting for his new son-in-law to come and toast the tea and change his mind.

Before her partner left, she was most concerned about He Yingxiu, who had lost an arm. She felt that since her daughter had become disabled and had given birth to an illegitimate daughter, it might be difficult to find a man who could accept her in the future, and even if a man could accept her, I was afraid it would be difficult to accept Su Ruoli.

When she was leaving, she also urged the old man that if in the future Yingxiu married someone and the man did not treat Ruo Li well, the He family must bring Ruo Li back, but never just let Yingxiu get a divorce, because in her case, it was not easy to find a man to marry her.

However, how could she have imagined that her daughter would still seek the best outcome today, as she regained her arm, which she had lost for more than twenty years, and got together with the man she had loved for thirty years, and Su Ruoli did not have to acknowledge a strange man as her stepfather, as her biological parents had finally gotten together.

Thinking of this, the old man, who was still elated, was suddenly overwhelmed with emotion.

When people flocked Su Shoudao and He Yingxiu, a couple over 100 years old, to come out of the wedding room and prepare to offer tea to the old man, they suddenly found that the old man was sitting alone on the sofa, already like a child, crying until he couldn’t help himself ……