Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5376

“Become a Dark Realm expert?”

Su Ruoli was stunned speechless by Ye Chen’s words.

She subconsciously asked Ye Chen, “Mr. Ye, Ruo Li is not naturally intelligent, is there really a chance that she can become a Dark Realm expert?”

“There is.” Ye Chen said with certainty, “If you want to become an expert, natural talent doesn’t matter, what matters is whether you can seize the right time, the right place and the right people, there are some people who have high natural talent, but they will never be able to cultivate to the great completion of the Ming realm in their lifetime, so there is even less to say about becoming a Dark realm expert.”

After saying that, Ye Chen looked at Su Ruoli and said very seriously, “You have the right time and right place to become a Dark Realm expert, as long as you can work hard and consolidate your current cultivation solidly, becoming a Dark Realm expert in the future is just around the corner, perhaps in two or three months, you will be able to become a Dark Realm expert.”

Su Ruoli’s eyes were red with excitement all of a sudden, and even filled with tears.

She had never thought that she would one day have the opportunity to become a Dark Realm expert.

To the vast majority of martial arts experts, the Dark Realm was a supreme realm that could never be reached.

Without a complete set of martial arts techniques, even becoming an eight-star martial artist was an extravagant hope, not to mention entering the Dark Realm.

Many martial arts families and sects have relied on some incomplete martial arts techniques for dozens of generations, but have not even been able to produce a five-star martial artist, as was the case with the He family earlier.

Therefore, the difficulty of raising a Dark Realm martial artist was like climbing to the top of the sky.

Moreover, in the martial path, every level from three-star martial artist to the next is a big hurdle, and if any hurdle is blocked in front of you, you may not be able to overcome it for the rest of your life, and when you reach the level of seven- or eight-star martial artist, it is even more difficult to go up to the next level.

This is why many eight-star and even Ming realm martial artists, who would have become the object of admiration everywhere, willingly join the Huben Battalion of the Qing Breaking Association and remain under its control for the rest of their lives.

To them, the Huben Battalion had a great probability of allowing them to successfully break through the Ming Realm Great Perfection and become Dark Realm experts, and this alone was a fatal attraction to them.

In front of becoming a Dark Realm expert, all money, status, were just floating clouds.

Therefore, Ye Chen guessed that the reason why the Tiger Ben Battalion of the Broken Qing Society was able to train Dark Realm experts in bulk was that there was most likely an expert like himself who was proficient in aura and pills sitting behind it.

Because only aura and pills can ignore the level barrier of martial artists and help them complete their breakthroughs smoothly.

For Ye Chen, although the Wan Broken Jun under his command, as well as Qiu Zhiyuan, Wan Broken Jun’s master, had all stepped into the Dark Realm, this was still far from enough.

In addition to that, the original envoy of the Broken Qing Society, Duan Liye, and the sect leader, Ni Zhenyu, although they were also Dark Realm experts, Ye Chen could not consider them as his own people.

After all, both of them were controlled by psychological suggestion, and in case the two armies fought and the people of the Broken Qing Society had the ability to dissolve their psychological suggestion, then they would immediately become enemies.

Therefore, Ye Chen allowed Duan Liye to return to Turkey to continue being his envoy, while Ni Zhenyu was placed by him at the side of Qiu Zhiyuan, the master of the Wan Broken Army.

In the future, if he were to clash head-on with the Broken Clear Society, then he would need at least twenty to thirty Dark Realm experts under his command to stand a chance.

If he wanted to train Dark Realm experts in bulk, a large amount of pills would naturally be essential, and right now this pill censer could help Ye Chen get twice the result with half the effort.

In Ye Chen’s mind, he planned to first train Su Ruoli to become the third Dark Realm expert, and then systematically select a group of potential martial artists from the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, the He Family and other martial artists to train another group of Dark Realm experts one after another.

Therefore, Ye Chen felt that he could also choose a suitable address and set up an institution similar to the Huben Battalion, and later specialise in training Dark Realm experts from this institution.