Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5375

  Ye Chen marveled in his heart, “Can it be that this one pill can raise Su Ruoli from five stars to eight stars?!”

And even though Su Ruoli couldn’t speak at this moment, her heart had already turned over in shock!

While desperately running her body’s true qi, she couldn’t help but secretly exclaim: “What kind of elixir did Mr. Ye give me …… Why does it have such a powerful medicinal effect …… I’m actually… . surprisingly I am already a seven-star martial artist …… this …… is too fast, isn’t it?!”

Immediately after that, she also felt the change in her eighth meridian and was even more staggered: “Is this …… this eighth meridian about to be broken through as well?!”

At this moment, the surging medicinal power was like the lava of a volcano about to erupt, accumulating energy in the crater, ready to erupt.

The crater was obviously unable to suppress the surging energy, constantly trembling and cracking, as if it would be completely burst open at any moment.

Ye Chen was also a little excited as he watched Su Ruoli’s situation at all times, waiting for her eighth meridian to open up.

Just at this moment, the raging medicinal power suddenly gushed out from her eighth meridian that was still blocked!

At this moment, Su Ruoli’s entire state and aura even underwent a radical change!

It was at this moment that she officially entered the ranks of an eight-star martial artist! All eight meridians in her body had been opened up!

Only then did the powerful medicine finally show signs of weakening, gradually being digested by Su Ruoli’s body and slowly returning to peace.

Su Ruoli opened his eyes and felt that he had just undergone a transformative change, his eight-star martial artist senses were clearly on a higher level, and the feeling of enlightenment was so great that Su Ruoli could not believe it was real.

Ye Chen knew that Su Ruoli would not be able to accept it immediately for a while, so he did not rush, waiting for Su Ruoli to adapt.

Su Ruoli had already sobered up a little by now, and when she saw that Ye Chen was looking at her with a smile on his face, she asked him impatiently, “Mr. Ye, what kind of medicine is this, that it has such a powerful effect, all eight meridians in my body seem to be opened up!”

Ye Chen smiled faintly and said, “Not seemingly, but indeed all of them have opened up, congratulations you have now become an eight-star martial artist.”

Su Ruoli was surprised and delighted, and couldn’t help but say, “This is too amazing …… A month or so ago, I was only a three-star martial artist, and one after another, I broke through to five stars, and even broke through to eight stars …… Even in her life, Ruoli didn’t dare to imagine that she could one day become an eight-star martial artist ……”

After saying that, she came back to her senses, kneeled down on both knees, looked towards Ye Chen and said respectfully, “Everything that made Ruo Li what she is today is because of your promotion, Mr. Ye! I cannot thank you enough for your great kindness! In this life, as long as Ruo Li is still alive in this world, Ruo Li will definitely go through fire and water for Mr. Ye, so as to repay Mr. Ye’s kindness!” You can’t help it!

Ye Chen reached out to help her up and said, “Ruo Li, after you are done with your parents’ wedding, during the next period of time, you need to consolidate your cultivation, your cultivation has recently increased too quickly, although your hard strength has reached the level of an eight-star martial artist, your soft strength such as your mindset, practical combat experience and control of your true qi in your body are still far from the level of an eight-star martial artist. height.”

Su Ruoli suppressed her excitement and said respectfully, “Don’t worry, Mr. Ye! When my parents’ wedding is over, I will definitely close up and cultivate for a while!”

“Good!” Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction and said, “At that time, you will stay at the He family’s villa to dive into seclusion, and after you have solidified the foundation of an eight-star martial artist, I will help you break through the Ming realm to its fullest extent until you become a Dark realm expert!”