Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5374

The reason why Ye Chen turned around and relieved Su Ruoli not to worry and be afraid was simply to use retreat as an advance, using a provocative method to get Su Ruoli to stop refusing his invitation to let her try the medicine.

He still knew Su Ruoli very well, although this girl had been a bit cruel when she worked for the Su family before, she was a very affectionate and loyal person, and she could be absolutely loyal and unreserved to herself.

It was precisely for this reason that Ye Chen had thought of asking her to help test the pill the first time he refined a new elixir.

He knew very well in his heart that this pill would definitely be stronger than the previous Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving Pill, and it would not have any bad side effects, so it would definitely be a good thing for Su Ruoli.

And Ye Chen’s provocation did work, Su Ruoli was no longer thinking about whether she owed Ye Chen too much, she only thought that she must not let Ye Chen doubt her loyalty and guts.

She then took the pill from Ye Chen’s hand and asked in a firm tone, “Mr Ye, will Ruo Li take the pill now?”

Ye Chen nodded, “Take it, I’ll keep watch by your side, there shouldn’t be any problems.”

“Okay!” Su Ruoli nodded slightly, then sat cross-legged on the ground and very dryly put the pill into her mouth.

Su Ruoli had used the Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving Pill before, and knew that this kind of pill would turn into pure medicinal power and go straight to her dantian when she entered her mouth, so she also prepared herself in advance, waiting to welcome the surging medicinal power in the pill.

However, she did not expect that the medicinal power inside this pill would far exceed that of the Blood Dissipation Heart Saving Pill she had taken before.

The medicinal power had been described as raging, rapidly surging into her eight odd meridians and merging frantically into her dantian.

Before Su Ruoli could react, her sixth meridian was instantly opened by the medicinal power, and she became a six-star martial artist in an instant!

A six-star martial artist is not often found even in the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, and if you look around the country, it is hard to find anyone else!

However, Su Ruoli didn’t even have time to rejoice in becoming a six-star martial artist before the seventh meridian in her body was instantly opened by the power of the medicine!

In the blink of an eye, Su Ruoli jumped up another level, from a six-star martial artist to a seven-star martial artist!

Even Su Ruoli did not expect that the total time it took for her to become a six-star martial artist would only be a mere two to three seconds!

Ye Chen also didn’t expect that Su Ruoli would be able to raise two levels in a row, after all, the further this cultivation level went, the harder it was to raise it, a single pill could raise it from five stars to seven stars, this was indeed much stronger than the normal Blood Dispersing Heart Saving Pills!

A seven-star martial artist in his twenties, even in the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons, was a rare and rare existence. The He family had been cultivating martial arts for hundreds of years, but to have a seven-star martial artist in his twenties, not to mention the fact that it was out of the question, the successive generations of family heads did not even dare to think about it.

Now, this young girl, who was only in her early twenties, had officially entered the ranks of seven-star martial artists, setting a new record for the He family, and indeed for martial arts families in China.

However, right now, there was still a large amount of medicinal power in Su Ruoli’s body, which was continuously rushing towards the eight Qi meridians!

The seven meridians that Su Ruoli had already opened were obviously still unable to carry this powerful medicinal power, which was also rushing towards Su Ruoli’s eighth meridian.

Thus, Ye Chen was surprised to find that Su Ruoli’s eighth meridian, under the impact of the huge medicinal power, was also already showing signs of loosening!