Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5371

The difference between himself and Ye Chen was perhaps like the difference between Yugong and those two sons of the Kua’e Clan.

It was at this moment that he suddenly felt extremely grateful for his decision to stay by Ye Chen’s side and serve as a dog and horse.

If it wasn’t for this decision, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have been able to detect the wonderful feeling of the Great Perfection of the Ming Realm until I died!



At the Champs Elysees Spa Villa.

Ye Chen had already prepared the herbs that could refine twenty Blood-Scattering Heart-Saving Pills, and decided to use one furnace of Blood-Scattering Heart-Saving Pills to open the pot for this pill censer.

Luckily, the herbs needed for the Blood-Scattering Heart-Saving Pill were not rare, so Qin Gang had prepared a lot for him at first.

The main reason why Ye Chen wanted to use the pill censer to try to refine the Blood Dissipation Heart Saving Pill was because there were enough medicinal ingredients, so it wouldn’t hurt if something went wrong during the refining process.

Under normal circumstances, he would have to use at least twenty to thirty catties of various medicinal materials to refine twenty Blood Dispersing Heart Saving Pills, whereas his previous way of refining pills was to wrap these medicinal materials with spiritual qi, use the spiritual qi to quench the essence of them, and then use the spiritual qi to condense these medicinal material essences into pills.

The advantage of doing so was that even though there were many medicinal herbs, they could all be refined at the same time as long as there was an abundance of spiritual qi.

However, what Ye Chen was a little confused about right now was that this pill cauldron was not very large and its capacity looked like it could only hold two or three catties of herbs, so wouldn’t that mean that only one pill could be refined at a time?

After all, Ye Chen had never used a pill cauldron to refine pills, so he decided to fill it with less herbs first to try it out.

Then, he put about three catties of herbs into the pill cauldron, and then he sent his spiritual energy into the cauldron and urged the formation inside the cauldron to operate.

Immediately afterwards, he felt the formation inside the pill censer start to rotate at high speed, and as soon as the formation started to operate, the full amount of medicinal herbs were instantly sucked in by the formation, and the formation was like a black hole that instantly swallowed these medicinal herbs without a trace.

Ye Chen couldn’t help but be shocked, he didn’t expect this formation to be so strong in consuming herbs, so he hurriedly diverted his energy to put more and more herbs into it, and the pill censer took them all in, devouring them all.

In the blink of an eye, 20 to 30 pounds of medicinal herbs were all devoured, and the formation was still running fast, without any intention of stopping.

Ye Chen did not dare to slacken off either, and could only feed spiritual energy into it continuously.

Ye Chen saw that the pill censer was devouring spiritual energy in the same way as the pitiful ring that Lin Wan’er had given him, so he couldn’t help but feel a little nervous in his heart, afraid that this thing would be just like that ring and would go crazy and drain his spiritual energy.

The formation spun rapidly, and in the middle of the formation, some small spherical objects were soon condensing and growing larger.

Luckily, this Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving Pill was not a high grade pill, so it was not difficult to refine, so the high speed of the formation only lasted for a minute, and then it slowly stopped.

Ye Chen was relieved to see that the formation no longer needed his own spiritual energy to drive it. Although it had absorbed spiritual energy very quickly just now, it did not consume too much spiritual energy because the time was relatively short.

Immediately afterwards, the formation began to slowly decelerate, and Ye Chen could feel that those spherical objects in the centre of the formation were now of the same size as ordinary pills.

The moment the formation stopped running, the spherical objects in it finally revealed their true form, and Ye Chen looked inside the pill censer, and what was lying inside were twenty new pills with a faint golden lustre!