Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5365

   Ye Chen then said, “Answer! After you answer, you should say the same thing, that it is not appropriate for them to come to Jinling in the near future!”

Hong Changqing nodded his head and picked up the phone, while at the same time very sensibly turning on the speaker.

On the phone, Ye Chen’s grandmother’s voice came through and asked in an anxious tone, “Master Hong, in your message just now, you said that there was a great omen for us to go to Jinling, I wonder what the situation is?”

Hong Changqing could only talk nonsense, “I read the stars at night and did a trigram for the An family, and the trigram showed that Jinling is very bad for the An family, so I’d better not come over in the near future.”

Mrs. An pondered for a moment and said seriously, “Master Hong, the An family is already making preparations to go to Jinling, this time to find my grandson who has been missing for twenty years. calamity?”

Hong Changqing looked at Ye Chen awkwardly, then said stiffly, “Old Madam, it’s not that someone from Hong is not well learned, it’s just that the evil omen you encountered this time is too strong, and it’s beyond the strength of someone from Hong to solve ……”

Old Madam An fell into silence.

Hong Changqing hastened to strike while the iron was hot and said, “Old Madam An, in my opinion, the best thing for you to do now is to shelve your plans to come to Jinling for the time being and wait for some time to see what happens.

The old lady on the other end of the phone said, “I appreciate your kindness, but the An family still has to go to Jinling.”

Hong Changqing hurriedly said, “Old Madam An, you must consider this matter carefully!”

Old Mrs. An smiled faintly and said seriously, “I’m not going to lie, the An family experienced an unprecedented crisis in the United States some time ago, but fortunately, a benefactor stepped in and saved the lives of everyone in the An family. I believe this is also the luck brought to me by my eldest grandson in the underworld, we went to Jinling this time to find him, and I believe he will also be able to bless us with good fortune.”

“This ……” Hong Changqing was at a loss as to how to continue his persuasion, for he could hear that although the old lady was smiling as she spoke these words, her tone was so resolute that she certainly could not be persuaded with just a few words of her own.

So, he looked at Ye Chen with a questioning look, wondering if Ye Chen had any solutions or any new instructions.

Hearing his grandmother’s words at this time, Ye Chen could not help but sigh silently, and then waved his hand to Hong Changqing, signalling that the matter was over.

Hong Changqing then said to the old lady, “Old Madam An, since you insist, then I, Hong, will not discourage you much, when you all arrive in Jinling, you must not forget to contact me, Hong!”

“Good!” The old lady said with a smile, “Then, Master Hong, we will see you in Jinling.”

Hong Changqing said repeatedly, “Yes old madam, see you in Jinling!”

After hanging up the phone, Hong Changqing said with a helpless expression, “Master Ye, I really tried my best ……”

Ye Chen waved his hand and said indifferently, “It’s alright, I don’t blame you.”

After saying that, Ye Chen looked at Hong Changqing and asked him, “I wonder what Master Hong Tianshu is planning to do now? You wanted to come to me now that you have found me, shouldn’t you also prepare to prepare to go back to America?”